#IRChallenges: Marathons

They ask you (O Muhammad SAW) what they should spend. Say: Whatever you spend of good must be for parents, kindred, orphans, the poor and the wayfarers, and whatever you do of good deeds, truly, Allah knows it well.

Qur’an 2:215

The above verse is displayed prominently on the Islamic Relief volunteer page, reminding our Muslim community of their religious obligations towards good work. Often times, such poking and prodding is used to motivate the unwilling to help clean up, or to wake up early, or to do any number of tasks they wouldn’t otherwise.

But in this case, helping takes the form of an Edgewalk on the CN tower, climbing Mount Everest, or running a marathon? These are the Islamic Relief challenges. And yes, they really are helping. All of these challenges raise money for Islamic Relief’s worldwide initiatives. The challenge is really two-fold; first, are you up to the task of scaling mountains, hanging from towers, or running a marathon? Next, how much support can you rally from your friends, your family, and your community?

I’ve definitely seen my Facebook newsfeed plastered with friends’ calls for pledges, and especially popular it seems are the Islamic Relief marathons. You can decide to run or walk a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon in a date and city of your choosing.

Dedicated to helping orphans in need, this #irChallenge pushes the athletic, the motivated, and the adventurous spirits. The series of marathons kicked off in Mississauga this May 2nd and 3rd, going from there to Halifax in mid-May, Ottawa to close the month, London on June 6th, Edmonton on the 23rd of August, and most recently, Montreal on September 20th.. With two marathons left in Windsor and Toronto, (dates to be announced), the success of the campaign is sure to be continued.

Registration fees are $20, and participants must successfully raise a minimum sponsorship of $500 on their personal crowdfunding page. All the funds collected through irChallenges are put towards the general orphan sponsorship funds Islamic Relief has across the globe.

And of course, the ever-inventive crowdfunders find added twists to help raise even more funds for their challenges. A testimonial on the Islamic Relief site tells Abdul Wasey’s story of running the entire 5K with his wife dressed as Mario and Luigi when the community met their goal of $1000.00 to run.

Islamic Relief sums it up: #irChallenges is a unique way to fundraise for the less fortunate because it allows the participants to take part in a daring and fun activity while bringing them together for a good cause. It’s fun but more importantly, it’s rewarding.



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