The Essence of Islam

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The Essence of Islam


The Tenets of Islam

Islam offers believers a total code of life that addresses human needs in all ages and climes. The foundation of this system is a belief in Allah as the Creator, Sustainer and all-Aware.

Muslims believe that God has revealed Himself to man through the prophets of Abraham, Noah, Moses and Jesus and that Muhammad is the final Messenger of Allah.

The Oneness of God

One of the most important tenets of Islam is tawhid, or the belief that there is only one God. Muslims believe that He is the Creator, Preserver and Nourisher of all things. They also believe that He is a single being and is indivisible.

The word “God” is used in the Bible to mean many different titles, such as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The tawhid of Islam rejects the idea that these different titles represent multiple persons in the Godhead, but instead explains that these names refer to different ways in which He has revealed Himself to humanity.

A good resource for the study of this doctrine is Tawhid: An Introduction by Dr David K Bernard. This book provides a thorough examination of scripture and the evidence that supports monotheism. It is a must read for anyone interested in the subject. Click here to learn more and order your copy!.

The Oneness of Man

Belief in the Oneness of God carries with it profound and far-reaching impacts on man, both in his conscience and practical life. It disciplines his intellectual, spiritual, emotional and psychological self so that he deals with the universe and with man according to the true law and order of God.

It eliminates barriers and distinctions based upon color, clan, lineage, or blood and unites all mankind under one banner of humanity. It rejects all other gods and lords as well as the claims of those who claim divine sanctity or a share in His Divinity.

Muslims, by returning to this concept and raising its banner, are able to offer the world something it does not possess, something that is not contained in any other belief or ideology, system of thought or constitution. It is the promise of a new world where peace and prosperity are the order of the day. It is a world where the human soul can find liberation from its enslavement to other powers and masters.

The Oneness of Society

In Islam the concept of oneness (tawhid) eliminates the false barriers of race, language, wealth and status that have been constructed in modern societies. It establishes the noble position of man as Allah’s deputy on earth, enjoining him to dedicate his energies for the reconstruction of society on healthy moral foundations.

The Islamic spirit encourages a sense of community, enjoining charity, elevating standards, and bringing love and joy to life in a world where misery is all too often the norm. In fact, recent studies indicate that people who think about the concept of oneness more frequently experience higher levels of life satisfaction.

Muslims believe that the revelation of God to Muhammad is the final word on all matters of faith and life, including spirituality and ethics. Muslims and Catholics share a common heritage, a belief in the one God, a commitment to the mission of the prophets and divine revelation, and an emphasis on social as well as personal ethics.

The Oneness of Life

The Muslim belief that there is one God and He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-wise. It is the belief that He created, sustains and governs the universe, as well as mankind, without any partner or associate.

The belief that life is a manifestation of this oneness of being, and everything in existence is part of its inherent living truth. This is what y islam refers to when it talks about inner wholeness, whereby you are free to follow your specific focus and manifest your desired reality without fear of any low states or anything that might come up.

In addition, it teaches that man has no right to separate himself from society and that the way to freedom is through obedience to the law of God. In the same light, it teaches that Muslims should cooperate with all people of goodwill regardless of their ethnic origin or religion. These teachings are intended to bring peace and unity to a world that has sunk into conflict and hatred.

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