Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

“Whoever does not thank the people has not thanked Allah (SWT)”
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
[narrated by Abu Dawud, At-Tirmidhi, Ahmad]


As the curtain steadily fell on 2017, ISNA Canada acknowledged the admirable dedication from community members with a joyful Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Although these vibrant people largely work behind the scenes, their meaningful contributions are the backbone of this community.

Taha Ghayyur, ISNA Canada’s Executive Director shared his sentiments on the occasion, “Where would ISNA Canada be today without the selfless brothers and sisters who dedicated their time and talent to serve the community? Their contributions to ISNA’s 25 plus committees and services are priceless.”

ISNA Canada also honoured volunteers who demonstrated outstanding achievements  which left an impact for a cause, not applause.

Young Volunteer Award – Recognizes youth for their role in supporting the work of ISNA Canada.

Award recipients: Ahmed Mahmood, Qadija Yusuf, Ruqaiya Jilani and Samiyah Ejaz

Emerging Leader –
Recognizes volunteers’ involvement in the ISNA Canada community who are building a strong foundation for future growth and leadership.

Award recipients: Aliya Zubair, Amena Baalbaki, Eisha Shaikh, Hasaan Ghani, Hashem Abdi, Humza Muzhar, Kashif Hameed, Safia Shah, Zahra Shaikh

Community Leader –
Recognizes outstanding individual volunteers who have taken a lead role in developing solutions to social challenges in communities.

Award recipients: Abdus Salam Qureshi, Burhana Bello, Hassan Ahmad, Sadia Syed, Shehwar Haque, Sumera Wasiq, Muhammad Badoolah, Mujeeb Khan, Mustafa Ramadan, Nadia Hossein, Raadiya Mohamed, Saulat Qureshi, Shaik Shakir Shamahamad, Shaikh Mohamed Shakoor, Usman Siddiqui, Wajiha Shaikh, Walid Darwish, Yusuf Kapoor

Social Innovator –
Recognizes individuals who bring together people and issues to design, develop and grow new ideas that meet pressing unmet needs.

Award recipients: Amjed Syed, Ekram Jomaa and Malika Syed

Lifelong Achievement Award –
Recognizes dedicated individuals who have volunteered for at least 5 years and have inspired other volunteers, led volunteer groups or made other exceptional achievements through volunteering.

Award recipients: Chihab Kaab, Michael Singh and Omaya Rakieh

Just as the foundation of a house depends on the individual materials, every volunteer’s unique contributions build the home of ISNA Canada. Jazakum Allahu khayrn for all your efforts and may Allah (SWT) grant us the ability to endlessly serve His deen.



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ISNA Canada is an Islamic organization committed to the mission and movement of Islam: nurturing a way of life in the light of the guidance from the Qur’an and Sunnah for establishing a vibrant presence of Muslims in Canada. ISNA exists as a platform for all Muslims who share its mission and are dedicated to serving the needs of Muslims and Muslim communities.