Commemorating Canada 150

From a mouth-watering variety of food to an unexpected live performance of the national anthem, ISNA Canada’s Canada 150 Family Event was a night to remember. The theme reflected our nation’s rich legacy and aimed to renew our active role as citizens.

The evening commenced with a soothing Qur’anic recitation by Hafiz Syed Rayyan Ejaz, followed by a translation from Hifz student Samiyyah Ejaz. Afterwards, families participated in delightful activities like stacking cards to build the tallest tower and Nasheed Chairs, where children competed for the last seat in a circle of chairs.

The guest speakers included Iqra Khalid, Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erin Mills, Omar Alghabra, Member of Parliament for Mississauga Centre and Azeezah Kanji, Director of Programming at Noor Cultural Centre. They shared their heartfelt thanks towards the welcoming atmosphere of ISNA Canada and expressed their desire to serve the Mississauga community in the best way possible.

Before feasting on the diverse potluck menu including scrumptious rice dishes, delicious pizza, and creamy cake, the hundreds in attendance stood for the national anthem. The plan was to turn off the lights, have everyone’s glowsticks out and follow along with a recording. Suddenly, an audience member suggested to have the children sing the anthem live. With a resounding “YES!” from the crowd, darkness swept the auditorium and an array of glowsticks swayed to the kids’ rendition of “O Canada.” The crowd enjoyed the interactivity and capped off the evening with a thunderous applause.

This past year, Canadian Muslim organizations initiated a variety of creative endeavours to commemorate this extraordinary milestone. MuslimFest initiated 150 Muslim Contributions to Canada, where it “act[s] as a medium to build positive dialogue about the Muslim community amongst our neighbours.” The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) held a Spotlight 150 Nominations vote that highlights the Muslim humanitarian causes throughout Canada. DawaNet hosted Know One Another with Elder Joanne Dallaire in an effort to build bridges with the Indigenous community.

Through a chain of meaningful interactions with fellow Canadian citizens, we can strive towards creating a brighter future in this country.



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