Almas Multicuisine: Wonderful Food From a Wonderful Host

Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, Almas Multicuisine combines the atmosphere and service of a sit-down restaurant with the speed of a fast-food chain. The main draw of Almas is the variety of options they offer — everything from shawarma plates to avocado chicken to gourmet pizza is available, and you’ll rarely be disappointed no matter what you try.

Nevertheless, every restaurant has a specialty, and the specialty of Almas is their broaster chicken. Their impressive broaster machine can produce 100 pieces of chicken in 8 minutes, and the demand (especially in their lunchtime peak) certainly justifies the quantity. Pair it with fries and a drink of your choice, and you’ll have a meal fit for a king. Personally, though, my favourite dish was their shawarma plate. For a restaurant that doesn’t claim to specialize in shawarma, the quality of theirs was outstanding, and enough on its own to warrant a second visit for me.

Yet perhaps the best thing about Almas is how it blends classic fast food fare with a casual yet classy atmosphere. Almas can certainly be the place you stop by when you need lunch in a hurry, but it can also be the venue for business meetings or interviews. The atmosphere is improved by the wonderful hospitality of the two partners who run Almas  — they are always welcoming, and happy to accommodate any requests made.

All in all, Almas is a welcome addition to the Hamilton downtown area. They offer a variety of breakfast and lunch options that can be enjoyed on the go or in their comfortable sitting area. And best of all, they never make you feel like you’re at a restaurant, but rather at the home of a friend with exceptionally good cooking.



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