Apollo Bakery and Grill

There is no shortage of Mediterranean restaurants in Mississauga, and in this highly competitive space, it takes a lot to stand out and get our attention. Apollo Bakery and Grill is Lantern’s newest addition for our foodie fans.

In our recent visit, our team had a chance to experience the restaurant first hand. Food came out quickly, letting us get started on the appetizers of moussaka, kibbeh, and avocado salad. Unlike it’s fried Egyptian counterpart, Apollo’s take on moussaka was lighter, seasoned well and presented nicely. The kibbeh was another case of a classic offering, served with tahini and easily share-able – as any good appetizer should be. The avocado salad was a unique addition to the menu, rounded out the trio, which set up the rest of our meal well.

Next came chicken and cheese manakeesh, followed by a classic mixed grill selection. In both cases, the chicken was rather underwhelming, but there was much else to make up for it. The grilled vegetables and meats were done well, and generous portion sizes on the plate made up for any shortcomings. The mains were home to familiar Middle Eastern flavours and fresh ingredients.

Apollo’s signature drink, the “minted lemon” accompanied the food. The frothy drink consisted of fresh mint leaves blended into lightly sweetened lemon juice for a strong but pleasant refresher between dishes.

Apollo owners incorporate their own touch to Mediterranean eateries by highlights on the menu that are unique to their restaurant. The ambiance offers a light and spacious dining room, and the friendly and helpful staff add to an overall pleasant experience to their patrons. Apollo Bakery and Grill has the basics down, and they seem to be on their way to getting the attention of Mediterranean food lovers here in the GTA!




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