Uncomplicated Comfort Food: Chicken and Waffles

BlogTO dubbed it both third on the list of “Best Fried Chicken in Toronto” and a contender on the “Top 10 Fried Chicken Sandwiches in T.O.” Global News ranked it in the “Top 100 Restaurants in Canada” according to Yelp reviews. Toronto Life claimed it has one of the “Top 15 Fried Chicken Sandwiches in T.O.” The eatery also boasts a double feature on Narcity, “15 Places you need to visit to satisfy your Fried Chicken Cravings” and “Bucket List foods to try while living in T.O.” With just this selection of many reviews, Cluck Cluck’s Chicken and Waffles had a lot to live up to.

Most trending Toronto restaurants create buzz with ever-more complicated options, Insta-worthy trends, and eclectic ingredients. It came as a surprise then to see the relatively limited menu selections offered at this establishment, who has chosen to brand themselves with their “uncomplicated comfort food.” There are but five entrée options including classics and sandwiches, two desserts, and three sides. However, the simplicity of the options allows for a focus on the chicken, which becomes the feature of the dish.

The fried chicken has definitely earned its place on the myriad of blog reviews and bucket lists. Together with a sweet but not overwhelming waffle, an already great pairing is enhanced with the variety of house sauces offered with the dishes. Fresh dill mayo, spicy MC hot, the self-described ‘sweet and tangy’ cluck sauce, or classic maple syrup, the choices allow you to bring out the different flavours of the otherwise simple meals. The side fries were another simple element elevated to become noteworthy: their added seasoning provides enough taste to enjoy on their own, or paired with the standout dishes.

Visiting in Ramadan brought an added bonus from Cluck’s, generously offering bottles of water and packages of dates to all those fasting for the day and extending their usual hours to past sunset.

Overall, simple but quality food made the few selections stand out, both on their own or in tandem with the full meal experience. The small restaurant has already made a name for itself, and with unique, quality offerings, the buzz is sure to continue for this Toronto eatery.



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