Helping New Muslims

Asalamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu

Solely by the blessings, Mercy and Guidance from Allah, subhana hu wa t’ala, I am able to tell you a little bit about how you can help your fellow revert Muslim brothers and sisters.

About a month ago I was sent a message from one of the volunteers at New Muslim Care in Scarborough who told me that her sister in Islam who recently reverted has been pressured, harassed, insulted and even isolated by her own family because of her accepting Islam. Hearing this came as a shock to me and it might even be the first time you have ever heard something like this. But for this sister, it’s a reality and it’s a reality that is shared by other reverts all across North America who struggle to get support at home and in some cases even face different levels of oppression. Wanting to help the revert in any way I can, I suggested that since the revert sister goes to University, there has to be an MSA that she can connect with and even attend weekly Jumma prayers to hear beneficial reminders in a positive environment with other Muslims her age. I was sadly informed however that her cousins and relatives who go to the same University are all on watch for her to make sure she doesn’t associate with the Muslims. Subhan’Allah.

Well let’s hold on a moment. Not much positive can come out of feeling hopeless and useless since we can’t directly help this sister out. So that’s why I’m going to try to help you prepare for the day when you next meet a revert Muslim who you can then help out. I could list a bunch of advice like step 1) say, “Asalamualaykum”; step 2) introduce yourself; step 3) try to find out how their parents are taking their new journey in Islam; however for the purpose of this piece, I’m going to emphasize one piece of advice and will return to some other tips in future articles, inshaAllah.

Many people want to help new revert Muslims, some people don’t know how, and others may not know about the difficult situations that a lot of reverts are in. The truth is that every revert Muslim will require different assistance and even different levels of assistance to match their situation. The best way to figure out how to assess this is to get to know the revert brother/sister and sincerely take time out of your life for the sake of Allah (SWT) to get closer to them for the long-term. Remember, revert Muslims don’t have Muslim families at home and that means you are their Muslim family. This can mean taking their cell number and inviting them to your house for lunch one day. Be welcoming towards them and let them know they can reach out to you when they need it. From here, you have set the grounds to be able to introduce them to more brothers and sisters at a pace that is healthy for the revert. Remember this is a community effort and not the work of just one person.

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