Get To Know MYNA Dinner

This past Sunday, April 30th, MYNA Toronto (Muslim Youth of North America) had the honour of holding the Get To Know MYNA Dinner at ISNA Canada – an annual fundraising event put together by youth ages 12-18. ISNA serves as a hub for this youth organization, where we work together to serve the needs of the youth in our community. From qiyams to summer camps, Scarborough to Brampton, MYNA constantly serves the GTA with the support of our amazing mentors and advisors.


To start off the night, we were able to recognize and reminisce about the history of MYNA by listening to alumni such as Sarah Rostom and Ahmed Saleh who both shared stories about how their time spent in MYNA helped them create unbreakable bonds with their mentors and peers. We were able to reflect on the insightful words of Sh. Hosam Helal who was able to grace us with his presence later in the evening. After listening to our esteemed panel of speakers, both parents and youth were able to see how MYNA continues to assist in building and molding our youth into the young adults we are proud to call leaders in our community. To make the evening even better, families and friends shared a delicious Guyanese style meal that was later accompanied with some lovely dessert!


Following dinner, the entertainment segment featured the talented Rhab Ramy, who shared her spoken word piece, leaving the audience with an appreciation for the art of poetry. After several games with the audience, we finished off the night with our MYNA tradition – pie in the face! Overall, the fundraiser was a success and on behalf of MYNA – we would like to thank the volunteers, advisors, donors and all those who contributed to this successful event!


If you would like to hear more about MYNA or attend an event in the near future, check us out on our website at or on our facebook, twitter or our instagram @mynacamp!



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About ISNA Canada

ISNA Canada is an Islamic organization committed to the mission and movement of Islam: nurturing a way of life in the light of the guidance from the Qur’an and Sunnah for establishing a vibrant presence of Muslims in Canada. ISNA exists as a platform for all Muslims who share its mission and are dedicated to serving the needs of Muslims and Muslim communities.