Halal Greek Takeout You Don’t Want to Miss!

Greek restaurants aren’t abundant in Mississauga, and it is certainly not easy finding a halal one, so the recent discovery of Greek2Go is greatly welcomed! This takeout spot is located in an easy to access plaza near Dixie and Dundas and online ordering is made easy through JustEat.

Sometimes a shawarma sandwich simply doesn’t cut it and you feel a craving for something else. The next time you face this conundrum, you don’t need to look any further than Greek2Go, with the chicken souvlaki sandwich offering you a hearty and filling alternative.

Mostly geared towards meat- eaters, you’ll want to enjoy their food by sampling a number of items from the menu. We’d suggest coupling a sandwich with a fresh Greek salad, a side of tzatziki and the Greek fries. Alternatively, you can opt for the souvlaki and gyro dinners, where you can select a meat option that comes served with Greek salad, rice, roasted potatoes, tzatziki and their soft pita bread.

You won’t want to miss the Halifax donair fries either. An uncommon sight on this side of the country and definitely something to try if you haven’t, it is a unique blend of sweet and savoury, spiced fries topped with a sweet tahini based sauce, beef, diced tomatoes and onions. You won’t be disappointed but it is possible it may not be your thing. Just to warn you!

Although this is a takeout spot, there is some limited seating if you want to pop by in between errands or on your lunch break to enjoy a meal. Keep Greek2Go in mind the next time you’re in the mood for a light feeling and tasting meal and let us know what you think below!

For more info on Greek2Go check out http://www.greek2go.ca/
They offer catering, delivery and online ordering.



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