“So compete with one another in good works. Wherever you may be, Allah will bring you forth [for judgement] all together. Indeed, Allah has power over all things” (2:148)

For 17 years, McMaster’s Muslim Students’ Association has organized the Qira’atul Quran Competition (QQC), a national tournament that brings together students from across southern Ontario. Last month, they held their regional competition, in order to determine who would represent McMaster University at the national level in February.

The night began with an opening recitation and an address from the president of the MSA, Youssef Khaky. After the judges were introduced and the brothers’ competition was carried out, guest speaker Ustadh Zohair Rahman delivered a moving tafsir of the 35th verse of Surat An-Noor, “the verse of light”. After food was served and gifts were given out, brothers left the audience to allow for a private sisters’ competition.

QQC is far more than just a competition; for years, it has been a way for the Hamilton Muslim community of all ages to come together and celebrate the Quran. As a young child, I remember attending, and I have had fond associations with the event ever since (though that was likely only due to the candy I remember receiving).

Competition is certainly important — it pushes us to produce our very best efforts in the service of Allah SWT — but its expansion into an event for the wider community is what makes QQC so memorable. As this year’s director, Sister Malaika Qureshi, explains, “[QQC] is an event that is beneficial to both competitors and an entire community of students, children, and families.” To her, “QQC was not only a way to strengthen my own, personal bond with the Quran, but it also allowed me to channel my love for it into something greater.”

Scheduled for February 18th, 2017, this year’s QQC will include elementary school students, as well as university competitors. The organizers are expecting as many as 50 competitors from 20 schools, and it will be held right here in the ISNA Canada mosque. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate the beauty of the Quran with our community, and watch students from all across the province “compete with one another in good works”.


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