Famous Recipe: Not So Famous After All

I did a double take when I saw the name.

Famous Recipe?

Sure, they were obviously saying they had some sort of secret way to make Caribbean food, but it seemed a bit presumptuous — not to mention vague. But the name did the trick I suppose, because our intrigue motivated us to give them a shot.

Downtown Hamilton is known for many things, but I had not known Caribbean food was one of them. Within a block of King and Bay there were at least five Caribbean places, our choice being just one of many. When we entered, we were given the first of many surprises: the entire restaurant space was smaller than the average University dorm room. Without exaggeration, I can say it probably wouldn’t be able to fit more than 10 people standing. In this case, having a line going out the door wouldn’t even mean they were particularly busy.

The owner was a very friendly man however, who greeted us warmly and was kind and generous throughout. The menu was fairly typical for restaurants of this ilk, with curry meats and jerk chicken being the most essential items. Shockingly though, we found out they were not only out of jerk chicken, but also oxtail. Considering a friend once told me no one had been to a Caribbean restaurant if they hadn’t tried oxtail, this was definitely a surprise.

We settled on chicken and goat curry, and had it with sides of roti and rice. We also tried two of their impressively diverse selection of drinks, pear soda and pineapple island soda, both of which were fantastic. Sadly, the food was not so exceptional. The meat was average and too bony, and the roti was good but certainly nothing special. The rice was actually the highlight of the meal, surprisingly flavourful and rich and far from the filler rice normally is. Perhaps it was the rice that was their famous recipe.


All in all, this was not a bad restaurant if you end up in the area with a craving for Caribbean food, or just want to try one of their unorthodox drinks. But with the tiny seating area, the unpredictable inventory, and the average meat and roti, this isn’t the caliber of restaurant to go out of your way for.



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