SoulFood FM: Spiritual Sustenance

“On the Day when…the only one who will be saved is
the one who comes to God with a sound heart.”
(Quran 26: 88-89)

SoulFood.FM aims to provide our intangible souls with tangible points of development, and succeeds beautifully.

Launched last Ramadan by the Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto, the spread of this brilliant podcast series came rapidly and reached widely. Hosted by the MC’s Muslim Chaplain, Amjad Tarsin delivers the scheduled daily podcast in the month of Ramadan, and this year, SoulFood FM comes back again on the 1st of the blessed month.

The striking presentation was not unnoticed by listeners: a simple, yet elegant delivery. Concepts that were thorough enough to engage without being overwhelming. From the beginning of the series, the outline is simple, the intent clear, and the outcome impactful: audiences from countries around the world derive lessons and meaning from the series, prompting more and more exploration of how to nurture our souls.

True to its name, SoulFood aims to make available what is needed on an individual basis in our collective communities. Those of us weighted down by seemingly never ending news from around the world were able to find respite and catharsis in features concerning tragedy.

And this is seen not only with grief, but with many of the trials that we all feel overcome by. The concise podcast relates an understanding of our nature, the actions we can take, and a sense of hope for the listeners. Each episode helps bring the audience one step closer to seeking the virtues of the heart, and eliminating the vices.

Many of us are familiar with feeling overwhelmed when we attempt to tackle spiritual refinement in our day to day lives. SoulFood FM is a soundbite of learning, of ease, of reprieve, and so much more to listeners around the globe. Topics ranging from lust to food to dhikr all deliver the same measured approach to the challenges we face, and offer us solutions on how to overcome them.



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