SNOW + Share & Care Collaborate for Change!

We are pleased to report that ISNA Canada’s special project SNOW (Syrian Newcomers Orientation Workforce), comprised almost mostly of volunteers, has been joining hands with various community based organizations to bring essential services and household items to help our newcomers settle into their new homes in Canada.

If you stopped by the Centre on Saturday, May 7th, you may have caught sight of several excited community members carrying large parcels containing luxurious blankets… and you may have wondered about these furry blankets?

ISNA Canada, in collaboration with the Share & Care (Canada) team organized a unique event to bring much needed support to our newcomer community.

These two projects – SNOW and Share & Care – established a groundbreaking partnership in order to assist the Syrian newcomers. In the early hours of a chilly Saturday morning, members of the two teams met at the ISNA Canada Centre in Mississauga, Ontario to distribute much needed supplies to those in need. On the first Saturday of each month, the ISNA Food Bank distributes food to over 600 needy families and this day was no different. Hundreds of needy families’ came to pick up their monthly food package and the members of Share & Care seized the opportunity to also distribute blankets to some 60 Syrian families from a list compiled by the ISNA Food Bank and SNOW teams.

This collaboration was a step towards building relationships that cut across races, cultures, religions, and communities. The agreement between SNOW and Share & Care is a model that truly reflects the mission of both entities, while being a game-changer in the innovative multi-faith social environment that Canadians may rightly be proud of.

We acknowledge the extraordinary leadership efforts of our ISNA SNOW volunteers, but especially Azad Emritte, Omaya Rakieh, and the Chair of Share and Care (Canada), Sunita Gupta.


In future months, ISNA Canada will strive to continue this work and bring you more success stories.



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