Ramadan and Exams: An Unlikely Pairing

For many students, the past few Ramadans have fallen largely in the summer vacation, times off from high school and university. This year though, most high school students around the GTA face their last weeks of summatives and exams for the majority of the blessed month.

As students, we remember the timing of Ramadan in years past with disappointment and wistfulness: for the long summer nights spent with friends at masajid after taraweeh; for the lazy mornings we spend sleeping free from obligation; for the availability of the community and family and friends to gather on weeknights and weekends alike.

This Ramadan though brings its own set of benefits, ones that carry well past the month. Many of us have heard the narration that explains how the sahabah used to spend half the year before Ramadan preparing for the month, and the other half of the year after the month continuing the good habits and continuous devotional works they developed during the month. In our lives though, once school and work starts again, we conveniently default back to old schedules.

This year, we’ll be forced to fit Ramadan into our normal routine. Rather than pulling an atypical nocturnal month and compensating with empty days, we’re obligated to continue with our schedules during the days.

Many of us experience the Ramadan high that pushes us to extra prayers, more Quran, and extra good works – yet unfortunately lose that environment for the year after Eid is over.

By fulfilling the obligations of Ramadan during our normal busy schedules, we prove to ourselves that all of our actions are sustainable, regardless of school or work. If we managed during one of the more stressful months of school, there’s no reason the rest of the year is an exception. And after Ramadan, rather than abandon our good habits in the business of a new school year, we can continue them into our normal routines.

The late nights at the masajid this year will be accompanied by late nights studying. Classes spent completing performance tasks and culminatings will accompany our days of reciting Quran. We’ve got a lot to prepare for this Ramadan: success in this dunya and the hereafter.

Allahumma balighna Ramadan.
Oh Allah, allow us to see Ramadan.



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