Namaste Tandoori Fish and Chips: Misleading Name, Brilliant Food

I must admit, it was the name that caught my attention. How many times do you see Tandoori and Fish and Chips in the same sentence? Anyone claiming to offer the best of South Asian and English food was worth at least a shot.

Upon entering the quick-serve restaurant we were greeted by the owner, an amicable and friendly fellow of Nepalese origin. Having opened just six weeks ago, Namaste was the second restaurant he had opened since moving to Canada in 2007.

As promised, the menu contained a mix of traditional South Asian cuisine, as well as either Halibut or Haddock served with French Fries.

Although food is ordered over the counter in a manner similar to a fast food chain, we were seated and had our meals brought to our table. The semi-casual setting worked well, providing a good mix of class and comfort.

Although the fish and chips were decent at best, the South Asian food did not disappoint. The butter chicken was sublime, the chicken biryani was excellent, and the naan was distinctly rich and a standout feature. Although the name proved to be little more than an attention seeker, it certainly worked, and I for one am not complaining.

If you’re looking for exceptional Fish and Chips you’d best look elsewhere. But if you want to try above average tandoori food in a comfortable restaurant and for very good value, this will be a great discovery you won’t regret.

And although the claim to offer the best of two distinct foods proved empty, there were three words on the menu that will make Namaste unique among its peers: Tandoori Chicken Poutine.

Need I say more? Check out Namaste Tandoori Fish and Chips at 5425 Creditview Rd, Mississauga ON.



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