MYNA’s Ramadan Challenge

“So vie with one another in good works. To Allah all of you will return, and He will inform you concerning that which you used to differ.” (5:48)

All praise and gratitude is due to Allah (SWT), the One Who has blessed us with yet another Ramadan. As we all seek to get the most out of this month, we pray Allah (SWT) multiplies our efforts and rewards us for our good acts.

While we all may enter the month with the intention to improve ourselves, structure and planning will undoubtedly add to the benefit we can achieve. In that vein, MYNA Toronto has launched their “Ramadan 30 Day Challenge”, in an effort to motivate everyone to do more this month.

Challenges vary from praying all five prayers of a given day in congregation, to inviting a non-Muslim family for iftar, to volunteering at a food shelter. The 30 challenges are structured in such a way that one can be done each day, encouraging participants to plan ahead not only to complete the challenges, but in all of their acts of worship this month.

To add a little bit of incentive, a $500 prize is being offered to the first person to complete all 30 challenges, complete with photographic proof.

We encourage everyone to participate in this challenge, as well as to share it amongst their friends and family members so that we can all benefit this Ramadan.

For more information on this initiative, check out the Facebook event page here or email for any questions.

We wish everyone a blessed Ramadan and pray that Allah (SWT) accepts from us all!



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