Starting Over: A Visit with Noor

I had the honour of engaging in a very rewarding conversation with a Syrian mother of three about her family and their integration into our Canadian society. She began with what seemed like a never-ending aura of optimism. Everything Canada had to offer, she was ever so grateful for. Noor and her family arrived at the Pearson National Airport only nine months ago and immediately began to anticipate a well-rounded future for them and their kids in Canada. Noor is more than proud to be Canadian. The lifestyle, the legal system, the weather; it’s safe to say the family has fallen in love with their new home. “Seeing people help one another, just life here in general is beautiful. Overall, the most important thing is peace.” Coming from a war-torn country to a structured society, one can only imagine the struggles of adjusting to such a drastic shift between lifestyles. Nevertheless, Noor and her family have discovered the things they love and appreciate about Canada.

Although their optimism is to be sincerely admired, they have and continue to endure serious hardships. She and her husband have three boys: the oldest being 5 years old and the twins being 3 years old. Their twin boys were born with serious birth defects in their digestive systems. The condition restrains physical growth, making the boys appear much younger than they are. Noor gives them every second of her day to ensure their situation doesn’t worsen. This has held Noor and her husband from attending social events held to help with their integration into society. Noor and her husband take their kids to the doctor three times a month and every time they go, a new problem is put in front of them. Their eldest son has now been diagnosed with severe neurological issues. Due to these frequent doctor visits, Noor’s husband can only work three days a week at a factory. Any time off is spent with his boys or with them at the doctor. The language barrier doesn’t help either and the only way around it is to keep a translator with them at any time they are interacting with the outside world.

With all these issues, Noor is more than happy with her new home and she “would not hesitate for one second to ask everyone back home to come and start their lives afresh”. Her quick transition from the challenges she’s faced here to all things she loves about Canada was seamless. “Put your trust in Allah and he will never fail you. Look at me, I am more than blessed to have had the chance to continue my life in a country with everlasting peace. Alhamdulilah.”



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