Why Have Sushi When there’s Halal Chicken?

“Why would you order meat at a sushi place?”

It was a valid question, and one I wouldn’t have had an answer to until my recent trip to KK Sushi, a halal sushi restaurant on the corner of Dixie and Eglington. The atmosphere might leave a bit to be desired, the sushi itself might be average, and the variety might be poor, but when you try their World Class Yakitori chicken, you’ll realize why it was all worth it.

We were greeted on arrival by a warm waitress, and the friendly service was consistently impressive throughout. Local delivery, a la carte, and all you can eat options are all provided, though it would be amateurish indeed to take any choice but the latter.

We started with appetizers, standard fare that included disappointing seaweed salad, decent spring rolls, excellent shrimp tempura, and the truly exquisite aforementioned Yakitori chicken. It’s rare to be so impressed with the meat at a restaurant not known for it, but the folks at KK certainly know the appeal that halal meat brings, and they’ve taken full advantage of it.

With the warmup out of the way, we moved onto the main event, ordering all of the usual suspects needed to truly assess a Sushi restaurant. The variety was somewhat lacking – there were California rolls, dragon rolls, tempura rolls, and all the rest of the essentials, but nothing truly unique. The crispy California rolls were outstanding and a must try, but the rest of the maki and hand rolls were more decent than anything to write home about.

In short, KK Sushi boasts a friendly and welcoming team, efficient service, and truly sublime Halal meat. Although the main fare lacks variety and is closer to good than great, you should definitely give it a try for the unforgettable chicken and the fantastic service.



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