What’s the Talk About Pepper Walk?

After hearing the buzz in Muslim social media circles, Lanterns decided to pay a surprise visit to the new eatery in town. Pepper Walk is the place to hit if you’re looking for the latest halal option in dining.

It’s perfectly located in Hartland, making it easily accessible to anyone looking for a fusion experience with an elegant twist. What’s there not to love about a halal place you can call fine dining? The GTA has seen a lot of these come up in recent years, and each one outdoes the last. You’ll love the elegant interior with a modern tailored ambiance, right down to the beautiful mural on the walls. But the real test lies in the taste of the food.

The menu offers a little something for every food lover’s preference. From desi to Western, Mexican to Greek, the chefs at Pepper Walk have thought of it all. The beautiful food combos can create a feast fit to satisfy any hunger craving. On our visit to the restaurant, we were told to look out for the dhunwa gosth served up with some fresh naan and a side of special sauces made in house.

Meat lovers can indulge in Pepper Walk’s special protein menu, which offers up a variety of steaks and meat cuts that melt in your mouth. The sides are all shareable, so it won’t put a dent in your meal or your wallet. Choose from sweet potato fries or even their special roasted garlic Yukon gold mashed potatoes – there will be a fight to see who gets to finish the last bite!

Don’t forget to indulge in dessert! My favorite part of the meal is at the end, and in line with their signature style, you’ll find a fusion list of desserts on Pepper Walk’s menu. Indulge in a traditional shahi firni, or sink your teeth into a delicious molten lava cake, you won’t be disappointed.

Lanterns was thoroughly impressed with the service at the restaurant, the friendly staff, and the food was a delectable treat! We’ll be going back for another visit and recommend that you make a stop at Pepper Walk soon. Don’t be surprised if you run into familiar faces because this place is on everyone’s list!


Visit them on line for a complete menu and reservations here. (http://pepperwalk.com)



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