StrongerTogether: Take the Pledge

“During the last federal election, Canadians became more engaged in the democratic process than they had been in a long time . . . The question though for those of us who care about all this, all year round, 24/7, was how do we build on this incredible and inspiring momentum? How do we keep Canadians engaged?”

Mohammed Hashim, Campaign Chair

Fragmentation within the Muslim community has long been detrimental to the realization of our collective impact. However, all it took was a catalyst to begin intersectional conversations, and the impact was incredible to behold. At the 14th Reviving Islamic Spirit Conference in Toronto, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) launched an initiative poised to continue that very impact.

With the principles of unity and advocacy in mind, the NCCM StrongerTogether campaign was introduced to our community. In a sentence, “StrongerTogether is a national grassroots advocacy campaign, which will create trained and informed teams of Canadian Muslims in every major city in the country to mobilize and advocate both on local and national issues.”

StrongerTogether provides an avenue to continue the advocacy, to continue the movements, and hopefully, to continue the change—all this with the intention to further the momentous mobilization of the Canadian Muslim community in the last federal election.

The consolidation and coordination of grassroots efforts by NCCM is what makes StrongerTogether a truly viable method of advocacy. NCCM capitalizes upon its established reputation on the national stage to channel individual desires towards creating change into cohesive, systematic approaches to the political system. “Once people sign up, we are clustering them and bringing them together to start working as a team, and through dedicated webinars and in-person training we are going to train them on how to build their own local capacity”, explains Hashim.

What makes this campaign so appealing to so many is the tenet of inclusivity and emphasis on common ground. Moreover, in another refreshing change from many well-intentioned but fruitless movements, there is already tangible action ahead. The pledge outlines the first steps: “We will start by holding at least 338 conversations with our newly minted Members of Parliament (MPs) on the recently passed Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015, commonly known as Bill C-51.”

As stated at the formal launch of the campaign, “Our commitment as the National Council of Canadian Muslims is to strengthen Canada, by truly engaging and making our Canada stronger together for everyone.”

StrongerTogether is a shared platform for our communities to connect with key resources, and realize their ability to make effective changes in their country.

Take the pledge. We are StrongerTogether.



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