SNOW at ISNA Canada!

In anticipation of giving a warm and welcoming embrace to the Syrian newcomers who will be joining our communities, ISNA Canada has established a dedicated program and team called the Syrian Newcomer Orientation Workforce (SNOW).  Leading this program is ISNA Canada’s Executive Director, Sh. Abdalla Idris.

Over 100 willing volunteers are participating on a full or part time basis and we need your help too.   For more information about the program and to join us as a volunteer, click here!

The vision of SNOW is to facilitate, for all Syrian newcomers, a comfortable and supportive start for a new life in Canada. SNOW teams will provide guidance and support from the initial steps of sponsorship to the final stages of settlement for refugees and their support families.

ISNA Canada hosted its first Syrian Newcomer fundraising event in October 2015 called the Celebration of Unity aimed at raising funds for sponsoring Syrian refugees.

Our doors will be open to individuals of all faiths at the first “SNOW Welcome & Orientation Social” on January 9th 2016 at the Islamic Centre of Canada.  Newcomers and their Canadian support families can expect to be greeted by our community volunteers who are offering help in a variety of ways: gift packages for young children, practice for English language skills, religious guidance, practical tips and weekly deals for supermarket shopping, transportation help, ‘buddy’ family networks, help with accommodation and job searches.

If you know any Syrian newcomers or their support families, simply contact us with their information – we would be honoured to help them!

To find up-to-date information on SNOW visit



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