Hakka Ren – Authentic and Original Chinese!

Looking for a different twist to your love for Hakka? There’s a new restaurant that just opened its doors to top your last chili chicken craving! In the heart of Hurontario, the newest addition to Hakka dining has added to your list of “must go”. Owners Michael, Thomas, and Alvin have created an “all halal” menu that’ll have you coming back for more. Get ready to explore some creativity as the owner and head chef Alvin whips up some magic in the kitchen. His recommendation? Start off with their chicken sour and pepper soup, a combination of tangy and zesty ginger that’s a BIG step up from the usual Hakka menu. Couple that with drums of heaven, and the sweet sauce on the side and you’ll be on your way to a memorable meal!

As you scan the menu, make sure to stop and take a closer look at the Yin Yang rice, a Hakka Ren special that is a flavourful combination of rice AND noodles (an absolute genius idea!). Everything on the menu compliments each other, but if you’re looking to make the most of your meal, then you’ve got to try the chef recommended Hakka Roast Chicken, House Special Fish, and their Calamari.

Hakka Ren also offers an option that you won’t find anywhere else… they will custom make your dish based on your personal preference. Your choice of meat, sauce and vegetables… and a chat with Alvin can get you access to an original creation – just for YOU!

Enjoy the comfort of dining in a modern elegant place that welcomes you with a big dose of great customer service. Owner Michael is always around to ask you about your meal, or even for a casual chat. Ask him about his passion for food, and how he and his family have created this new venture through years of restaurant experience and cooking expertise. A lesser known fact is that their head chef and owner, Alvin, has been cooking since he was a little boy. He was always passionate about food and loved to create recipes that blend authentic flavour with a combination of originality. They know Hakka best, which is why they incorporate a personalized touch into their restaurant.

And the customers can tell the difference! When an owner is so passionate about their work, you can taste it in their food! The overall dining experience at Hakka Ren was fantastic! If you’re a fan of Hakkah Chinese, make your way over to an all-time favorite packed with originality, amazing prices and a generous portion you’ll be taking home with you!


Visit Hakka Ren on line to check out their menu at www.hakkaren.ca or follow them on Facebook for special offers on www.facebook.com/HakkaRen.Mississauga




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