Tossing Up a Great Menu — Pizzaland

The name can be deceptive, because there’s a lot more on the menu then pizza. Lanterns paid an unexpected visit to the restaurant to be pleasantly surprised by the great service and cheerful staff. The menu is a combination of all your junk food cravings, each boasting its own flavorful combinations. Booths are comfortable and spacious, perfect for you to roll up your sleeves and dig in!

Our order consisted of pizza (of course!), an in house creation burger, oversized wings and a local rendition of poutine. Since the name is Pizzaland, they should put a little more focus on the pizza they serve. There was a reasonable variety to choose from, but the actual pie itself was missing the punch you’d expect with a place that is named after it. I wasn’t entirely happy with the crust, but the toppings made up where the dough was lacking.

On the other hand, the wings were amazing! The sauce was perfection, left me licking my fingers, and then when no one was watching, I swiped some off the bowl as well! The poutine gets an “A” for effort, but falls short of Canadian expectations. It was a breed of McD’s fries slopped up with gravy. Since I’m a fan of McD’s (fries only!) it was a dream come true, and totally made my night.

That takes us up to the finale… the big bad burger. I think most of us judge a restaurant’s ability based on how they serve a burger. As simple as it seems, a burger is a complicated food to make, and if done wrong, the entire establishment loses credibility. Based on my snobby assessment of burgers, I would give this one a 7/10 – which is high on my scale because I’ve never given anyone a perfect 10 (I’m saving that in hopes of Jannah!). Pizzaland does a great burger. Enough said.

If you’re an East ender, I’m guessing you frequent the place a lot. It has much to offer, including a clean and welcoming eating space. Food is good, but service is exceptional! It’ll take you several visits to exhaust the menu, and by then you’ll have your signature favorite that you’ll want to keep coming back for.

It’s a great place for a bite to eat. But if you’re like me, then you’d want to know if it’s worth the drive for a West-ender? Absolutely! Make a day of it and find something to do, and make sure you add Pizzaland to your list of stops. I promise you won’t be disappointed. There’s something on the menu for everyone, rendered the Pizzaland way!



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