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As far as I’ve seen, we in the Muslim community place great emphasis on our food. We always ensure to have quality cuisine readily available to us and our standards are always impeccably high. Meals are not just a means of sustenance, but an experience on their own.

However, I haven’t seen the same level of infatuation applied to our desserts. Our desserts can comprise of a ready-made cake and store bought cupcakes. In fact, I’ve even witnessed desserts that include just one tablespoon of sugar! Which is why I was super excited to see the newly opened halal dessert place: DSpot Café.

Opened in March of this year, DSpot Café is here to change this tendency within us. Shortly after opening, the rave about DSpot was all over the Muslim community and Lanterns dropped by this week to see what it’s all about!

A spacious location in the heart of Scarborough, DSpot Café is conveniently open until 12:00 a.m. during the week and 2:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays to satisfy any midnight ice cream cravings you may have!

I got to speak to the owner, Samir Desai, about the Café for a bit before jumping into the menu. After speaking with Samir, it was evident that DSpot Café is looking to serve quality food to their customers.

Firstly, it’s 100% halal! “We checked down to every ingredient in every product to ensure we could guarantee a 100% halal menu. Even the vanilla extract in the tea was chosen according to its ingredients!” says Samir. I especially heard a lot about DSpot Café in Ramadan and Samir told me that they had the café open until Fajr every day to accommodate those looking to go out for suhoor! “It was packed every day in here! Some days we had people being served outside as well!” says Samir.

Secondly, it’s 100% homemade! I was surprised to hear that almost everything on their menu was prepared from scratch and in-house! “All of our ice cream is prepared fresh right here and we have a pastry chef that prepares all of our cakes,” says Samir. “We believe in serving quality products to our customers and we can only ensure that if we do all the work to perfection by ourselves. We are blessed to have customers that return regularly due to the quality we offer.”

Samir and I went over the menu in which I was astonished to see they had 16 flavors of fresh, homemade ice cream available in over 18 different signature items to be ordered on waffles, crepes or regular sundaes! Along with this, the dessert menu offers a variety of pastries and a selection of cakes. For those with a little more appetite, the menu offers Savory Crepes and Pizza section as well.

Order Up! Samir starts us off with an incredible “I Am Carnivore” pizza. A marvelous combination of bacon, peperoni, chicken, gyro, green peppers and mushrooms in a tomato sauce topped with a layer of melting cheese! Definitely not a combination for the light-hearted.

After the pizza, we dove straight into an extraordinary Red Velvet Cheesecake! Personally, I’ve never really got onto the red velvet bandwagon, but this was different. The cake was incredibly light and fluffy with the flavorful cream cheese softening it all into an amazing combination. A definite must-have at DSpot!

We finished off with the specialty “Undercover Nut” which came with rich pistachio ice cream on a hot waffle with chocolate curls topped with fudge sauce and more pistachio crumbs. The pistachio ice cream is made in-house with paste imported from Italy! You truly get the quality of the food when you see how thick and creamy their ice cream is. Really, an experience on its own!

Other dignitary mentions on the menu: The Chocolate Lava Cake, The Hazelnut Cake, and Rolo Pancakes! Make sure to check out their cold drinks as well!

Overall, the quality of food, service, and ambience that DSpot Café provide is phenomenal. Samir assured me that they are planning to expand to more locations as well but wants to make sure they do it right.

So, check out DSpot Café in Scarborough for some quality sweet and savory desserts!



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