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You see it all around you – kids, young and old alike on their phones or tablets. We are all consuming more media than ever before. It’s a cultural and a cognitive shift. But how does this affect learning? It’s now become mobile and on demand. Learning knows no place or boundary. Learners now ‘pull’ information whenever and wherever they need it.

Children are highly visual learners preferring pictures, sounds, and video over plain text. They are experiential learners, learning by discovery rather than by being “told” and technology is a major influencer.

At Quest Jr., we saw a lack of appropriate reading material in this sphere. Other mainstream avenues don’t offer much educational value, let alone Islamic content. Our children are starving for healthy, wholesome digital content.  So, we asked ourselves: “How can we change the way we present information and concepts to our children?”

We also love technology. But even more than that, we love what it can do for education. We love that it can open entire worlds for children to benefit from. Technology pushes students to enhance their creativity, their problem solving and collaboration skills and their digital literacy. This is what technology needs to be doing – providing children with experience and insight.

This is where Quest Jr. steps up: a refreshingly original digital platform to help your child explore and discover concepts about both “Deen” and “Duniya”. Each issue is filled with rich imagery and sensory experiences: audio/ video, games and interactive educational activities. Our goal is to create high-quality, beautiful, and completely engaging learning experiences for children.

Every month has a fun theme with vibrant, descriptive stories that help children experience and understand concepts about sciences, cultures, people, history, and the environment. Quest Jr. also encourages children to have a positive relationship with Islam, the Quran and Islamic values, personalities and teachings beyond the normal school curriculum.

We work with amazingly talented Muslim children and adults to produce original content every month. Much of this content is developed by children for children. We always encourage new writers to join us so if you or your child is interested in writing for our publication, please contact us via our website.

We understand that parents are concerned with privacy and security.   The magazine is 100% advertisement free. Once you download the Quest Jr. eBook to your device – Apple, Android or Windows – you can view, read, and interact offline.  This means you do not need internet to read the magazine and children can enjoy a safe digital learning experience free from inappropriate distractions.

Journey with us – explore life and the diverse amazing world around us and learn how Islam connects us all.


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