Kal and Mooy

Tucked away humbly inside the Queen Street Market, lies Kal and Mooy: a thriving gourmet Somalian cuisine food truck complemented by a brick and mortar shop. Within one year, Ahmed Duale and Aisha Mahmoud, husband and wife, have captured the taste buds of thousands of Torontonians. Success is an understatement.

It begins in Somalia, with Aisha as a young child who enjoyed making sambusas (sometimes known as samosas, but not the same thing). The people in her village would rave about the taste of her creations, especially during Ramadan. When she arrived to Canada, she catered sambusas as a part-time gig. Many advised her to start a business, but she felt like she didn’t have enough time. Her husband managed to convince her, and so it began.

The Kal and Mooy Food truck offer crunchy samosas drizzled in organic sweet and spicy sauces, juicy chicken Anjeero wraps, and refreshing mango shakes – to name a few. But it wasn’t easy getting this business started.

Food truck laws in Toronto posed challenges for the couple but they believed that it was a great way to prototype their business and food. Despite uncertainty, the overwhelming positive feedback pushed her to launch the truck. For Aisha, patience was key when launching a tough food business.

Through food, the owners have been able to create conversations with non-Muslims at unlikely events such as Beer Festivals which most Muslim restaurants refrain from attending. Aisha passionately believes that the conversation of food is humanizing and allows people to better understand the culture of Somalia and Africa as a whole. “When they like the food, they like you,” Aisha says. She wants people to know Africa and is adamant about showcasing authentic Somalian food.

Kal and Mooy is a Somalian term that translates to ‘Mortar and Pestle’. The reason they used this name is because they want to emphasize that they make everything from scratch including all the sauces and dough. They use lots of organic vegetables and buy all their meat from Kabul Farms.

As parting advice, Aisha shared some gems with me and to anyone else who wants to start a business. “You have to work hard. Don’t wait for it. Just try it, to see how it is. And then take it from there,” says Aisha.

If you’re looking for some authentic Somalian food that uses the best of ingredients, high quality food and organic products, visit Kal and Mooy to quench that craving!



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