A Festival of Love & Happiness

What is more beautiful than experiencing the warm embrace of the community? Being surrounded by our beloved friends and family in celebration for Eid – quite possibly the most anticipated celebrations of our community. People of all ages wait for Eid to share hugs, gifts, laughter, presents and spread good will and love all around.

After spending 30 days of breaking fast and praying together in the beautiful ISNA Canada Centre, what’s better than being able to come together again for one more celebration? The Eid-ul-Fitr Festival came with a fully loaded program and games accommodating to all ages. From bouncy castles and food at the Kid’s Carnival, to our main program which included our dear shuyookh: Shaykh Abdalla Idris, Shaykh Alaa Elsayed, and our special guest Shaykh Daood Butt. They spoke about the importance of Eid, reminding us about the significance of this joyous celebration – truly touching all of our hearts and inspiring us to be better.

Madame Mayor Bonnie Crombie graciously addressed the audience to join in the celebration. She kindly stopped to take a few pictures with several members of the community at our photo booth, leaving them with a souvenir to remember the wonderful evening by. To wrap up her visit, she presented ISNA Canada with a certificate for our work in the community. Her words reminded the audience of how important our role is in the community and displayed her utmost respect and appreciation for ISNA Canada.

The entire event was coordinated by over 60 volunteers and staff of all ages who, without their dedication, passion, and hard work, we would not have been able to shape the event into the amazing success that it was. Our volunteers have been planning this event for several months, working hard to provide the best possible program for our beautiful community to enjoy, specifically the children with their very own children’s carnival. From organizing and supervising the carnival – which included all sorts of games including can toss, ring toss, snow cones, and a bouncy castle – to serving the food and attending to the audience, our volunteers are truly invaluable.  This passion, hard work and commitment fostered the incredible atmosphere and we are truly grateful for them.

We also had a special performance by the lovely children in the community as they gathered together to sing us a beautiful Eid Nasheed after practicing almost every night during the month of Ramadan.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Paramount Fine Foods for providing delicious Mediterranean cuisine for all who attended!  We’d also like to thank Kamar’s Fine Cakes for the decadent chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that our wonderful community enjoyed!

All in all, ISNA’s Eid Festival was a huge success thanks to the amazing volunteers, staff, but most of all – YOU, our wonderful and supportive community. Happiness filled the air, love and compassion filled the hearts of our people, and this celebration was a beautiful display of our vibrant and dynamic community. It was a marvelous way to end the beautiful month of Ramadan. We are already looking forward to next year’s Eid Festival!



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