Ramadan at ISNA

Community. Worship. Gratitude. These are a few of the words I personally associate with the month of Ramadan.

Living in a community that is not predominately Muslim can be challenging in Ramadan. The spirit of this blessed month gravitates around the coming together of your fellow brothers and sisters, through taraweeh prayers, community iftars and even suhoor parties!

However, if you are a Muslim residing in the Greater Toronto Area during the month of Ramadan, I’d say you’re pretty blessed as well. The amount of mosques open for taraweeh, restaurants open for suhoor, and number of Muslims fasting is enough to make you feel connected to your community — or in some cases, simply overwhelm you.

At ISNA Canada, we are striving to ensure that we cater to the entire community’s needs. Although there are an incredible amount of services being offered, here are the top 5 things I love about Ramadan at ISNA:

1. The Incredible IsnaRamadan.ca Website!

Taking Ramadan to a new level, last year, ISNA Canada developed a new website which uniquely provides one platform which showcases all the programs and services offered during this blessed month of Ramadan! This website makes Ramadan at ISNA easy and accessible to anyone from anywhere.

2. Taraweeh Schedule

I’ve been to taraweeh prayers where I join the congregation and wish I knew exactly where in the Qur’an they were reading. ISNA Canada has provided a schedule that breaks down exactly what the qari’s will recite during each rakah in taraweeh. This is available online on the website!

3. Community Iftars

Every Friday and Saturday, ISNA Canada hosts over 800 people for iftar. There is an incredible sense of community and belonging when you join hundreds of fellow fasting Muslims and sit on the floor to eat beside one another. On these days, an entire team of volunteers work from 6pm onwards to get ready to host the community!

4. Pray&Play Childcare Services

Want to pray all 20 rakah’s but have the little ones to take care of? Take use of ISNA Canada’s childcare services! We offer babysitting for children between 4 – 10 years of age. For children older than that, we have a brothers & sisters youth room each! These rooms have a Pray&Play rule. You enter at the beginning of the night, pray the first 8 rakah’s and then get to play the various activities they have in the rooms such as foosball and ping pong!

5. The fantastic and heartwarming volunteers

A team of 120 superhero volunteers ensure that all these incredible services are carried out seamlessly. These volunteers rush from home right after iftar to make sure they are at ISNA by 10:15 pm for taraweeh. On iftar days, volunteers arrive at 6 pm with smiles on their faces and baraka in their hearts! It is phenomenal to see the dedication and energy being displayed by these incredible young people!


There are so many more awesome services that ISNA Canada is offering such as the new taraweeh livestream, i’tikaaf program, foodbank gift baskets and many more! Take a look at all of these services and more at www.isnaramadan.ca



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