Naan & Kabob

If you have driven around Mississauga, it’s likely that you might have passed by Naan and Kabob. With its eye-catching and attractive logo, decor and beautiful patio — it’s a little hard to miss.

Naan and Kabob, a family-run business nestled in a plaza on the intersection of Hurontario and Bristol, is well known for its modern Afghani cuisine. Though the restaurant has been running since 2011, it definitely got a little more attention in 2012 after their television debut. Featured on a show called “Restaurant Takeover” — Chef Massimo Capra and interior designer Alison Milne beautifully transformed the look of the restaurant and updated the menu. Combined with delicious food and two restaurant masterminds, Naan and Kabob became a well-known family restaurant — especially in the Muslim community.

Logistically speaking, Naan and Kabob is a combination between a dine-in and a self-serve restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, taking a couple of menu brochures and deciding what you’d like to order, you then walk to the cashier and order at the front. The servers then hand you a device which lights up once your food is ready for pick-up at the serving station. Though different than a total dine-in experience, I found this system helps the food arrive much faster — decreasing wait time.

Menu-wise, they have options for everyone. From vegetarian dishes to meat (obviously!), their menu items are also healthier than most traditional restaurants that serve food from the same subcontinent. I asked them about low sodium options — which they happily accommodated as well. Their kabobs were very artfully prepared — juicy and tasteful but not extremely overpowered with spices. For those interested, I would definitely recommend the chapli kabob and the waziri kabob. Both come with a side of extremely delicious naan — a treat in itself.

I loved the textures and flavours in their signature dish as well — the Qabuli pulao. As rice topped with sweetened carrots and raisins, I wasn’t too sure about it at first. However, it soon became my favourite part of the entire experience. The pulao came with a small side of chicken curry, something I wasn’t too fond of at all. After eating the simpler Afghani cuisine, the sudden taste of a traditional Pakistani/Indian dish just threw my taste buds off a bit. However, the veal that came with the pulao was very well marinated and cooked to perfection.

For drinks, their new mango smoothie in particular was extremely delicious. They had a sweetened iced tea that they prepare in-house, and a soothing mint lassi drink.

The only concern I had with the restaurant was the use of disposable plastic cups for the drinks. From an environmental perspective, it would be much better if drinks were served in reusable cups. They would increase the overall great ambiance by a notch too. Sitting in a beautiful restaurant, the plastic cups made my experience feel a little more like I was in a “take-out” restaurant.

Overall, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing restaurant with excellent food — and great service — drop by their location. The staff is great, the ambiance is excellent and I can personally guarantee that the whole family will thoroughly enjoy the experience.


If you wish to download their full menu, please click HERE.



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