47 Halal Spring Things

Burr. I’m still cold. Even though spring is here, I still feel the chills from this gruesome winter. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good ol’ Canadian winter with angelic snow coupled with a steaming hot chocolate by a crackling fireplace. But this winter was something else. It hurt to go outside. The amount of dhikr that I whispered under my breath every time the wind froze my bushy eyebrows probably reached an all-time high. Hey. Might as well cash in on those jannah dollars while the Canadian winter tried to freeze all the way to the Day of Judgement. But now, on to warmer things (pun intended).

The weather is getting slowly better. Spring gear is flourishing in H&M, Zara and all the other mainstream hipster stores we have no choice but to shop at. Male MSA undergraduates are preparing to lament the oncoming ‘fitna’ of spring and summer. And then there’s you. Itching to go outside but not sure what to do in this massive yet limiting space we know as the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

In lieu of daringly trying to find out what to do with good weather and a non-frozen brain, I’ve curated some ‘halal’ spring things for your cold self to enjoy. Toss that winter jacket and throw your hot chocolate out the window (don’t actually do that). Put on your floral shirt and sunglasses and check out these:

1. Secret Spots
Call your old friends and go for one last adventure for time’s sake.
Credit: http://indie88.com/natural-wonders-in-and-around-the-gta-that-you-need-to-see/

1. Tews Falls
2. Cheltenham Badlands
3. Decew Falls
4. Rattlesnake Point

2. Popping Events
Perfect spaces for a dope famjam.

1. Halal Food Fest
2. Muslimfest
3. ISNA Canada Convention
4. MYNA Camp
5. MAC Camp
6. MSL (Muslim Soccer League )

3. Things to do
It’s the simple, things.
1. Fly a kite
2. Rent bed + breakfast in Toronto via Air Bnb
3. Bike riding
4. Camping
5. CN Tower Stair Climb
6. CN Tower Edge Walk
7. Niagara Falls

4. Bike and Walking Trails
Health is wealth. It can also be fun.

1. Cottonwood Flats
2. Crothers Woods
1. Bovaird Drive Trail
2. Chinguacousy Trail
3. Esker Lake Trail
4. Etobicoke Creek Trail
5. Fletchers Creek
6. Don Doan Trail (Formerly Professor’s Lake Trail)

5. Beautiful Mosques
Marvel at Turkish tiles, awe-inspiring domes and majestic minarets.

1. Sayeda Khadjia Center
2. Islamic Center of Canada
3. Islamic Foundation
4. Islamic Center of Oshawa

6. Beautiful Parks
BBQ some halal grub and get snug by rivers, trees and grass.

1. El Dorado Park
2. High Park
3. Sunnybrook Park

7. Underrated Attractions

4. Watch Cherry Blossoms at High Park
5. Ripley’s Aquarium
6. Toronto Islands
7. Scarborough Bluffs

8. Mouth-watering Food
Halal munchies stop me from being grumpy.

1. Burgenator
2. HWY 55
3. Affy’s Premium Grill
4. Studio 89
5. Pamier Kabob
6. Zem One Sushi
7. Paramount
8. Bamiyan Kabob
9. East Meats West
10. Hero Burger
11. Osmows
12. Thai Cuisine Experts
13. Nando’s
14. Grill it up
15. Kara Mia
16. Lahora Tikka House
17. Mushkaki
18. Burger Factory

One of my respected teachers, Shaykh Abdalla Idris taught me a lesson I will never forget. He first started by beginning to tell me that people always come to him constantly asking questions of, “Shaykh, is this haram?” or “Shaykh, is that haram”. It showed me that the constant emphasis on the legality of our actions is admirable and necessary, but dangerous if excessive and unrestrained. My teacher begins to count the amount of things that are haram in Islam, on his hand. He then begins to count the amount of things that are permissible in Islam, and intentionally fails to count them to prove the point that Allah (SWT) has left us with so much to enjoy, yet we insist on emphasizing the low amount of things that are not permissible.

And that brings us here, what inspired me to write this article. To show you that Islam is a way of life, not a list of things you shouldn’t do. Go outside. Get off your phone. Enjoy life while you’re here. May Allah (SWT) grant you healthy fun, happiness, and pleasure in this life and the next.



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