East Meats West – A Delectable Deli Experience!

If you’ve treated yourself to the best deli sandwich at Halal Food Fest or MuslimFest, you’ll be happy to know that the owners of East Meats West are now serving hot deli sandwiches in store! What started off as product promotion at events across the GTA, became high demand for those visiting in store, and eventually led to the idea of opening a specialized Halal deli style restaurant that will serve the incredible creations of an owner who takes his food very seriously!

Brother Ameen, a genuine entertainer at heart, is an owner unlike any other! His love for cooking reflects in the finest details with which he creates his food. Although he’s started off serving simple sandwiches over the counter at his deli meat store, there is no shortage of passion in what he does.

His journey began as an apprentice chef, however, later on when he embraced Islam, he left his job because he didn’t want to be around food which wasn’t halal. After a short stint in the construction business, Brother Ameen’s love for cooking drew him back towards his culinary skills when he decided to pursue his career in the halal food industry. Surprisingly, the birth of East Meats West meats actually started in the balcony of his 16th floor apartment where he built his own portable meat smoke house. From there he opened his first location in Mississauga and now after realizing the popularity of his sandwiches, he’s looking to launch a bistro later this year!

Brother Ameen knows his meat and isn’t shy to share his secrets. “It takes time and patience – you can’t rush excellence” he says. Every action you take towards creating the perfect meal is a tribute to your creation. You have to understand tastes, textures and flavours in order to get the perfect combination. I must agree, his sandwiches are a work of art! Not only seasoned to perfection, but also a delightful combination of texture and flavor. His Montreal Smoke Meat sandwich is top of the charts, but the Smoked Turkey and Pastrami are a close second! Brother Ameen keeps the distractions out, and focuses on layering with delicious folds of meat with added sauces to hold the taste together. If you’re a meat lover, and you haven’t had the opportunity to sink your teeth into this delightful experience, you don’t know what you’re missing out! Take a trip to East Meats West deli to see for yourself, your taste buds will thank me later! It’s time to bid farewell to the burger culture and embrace a deli experience like no other!

Just so you know, they only offer over the counter pick up services, so you’ll need to make arrangements to eat elsewhere, or in your car. But don’t worry, Brother Ameen is already busy scouting locations for his new bistro, which he intends to use to help provide high quality food to the Muslim community in the GTA as well as an outlet to his creative creations in the kitchen!



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