1 Man, 1 Burger

Tucked away in the commercial plazas of Dixie and Eglinton lies the Burger Factory. It’s a homemade burger joint that prides itself on gritty novelty features like its cheese-stuffed cheeseburgers, tornado fries, and funnel cake – the dessert you only encounter at Wonderland.

Lanterns spoke with Zayna, one of the owners who started the business with her husband four years ago. Their love for good homemade burgers inspired them to open their very own restaurant. Zayna emphasized that all items are made from scratch and in-house. Specialty features include salt-free options (upon request) and a main entree vegetarian option – a fava bean based veggie burger because some people are allergic to soya based veggie burgers.



Tornado Fries

Their one of a kind Tornado Fries are fresh chips on an 18” skewer! It’s insanely long and equally delicious. They weren’t too salty, so I never got tired of it. It’s interesting to eat alongside a burger.

Juicy Lucy

Definitely the highlight of my meal, as soon as I took a bite, the cheese oozed out of the burger! It was amazing.  The meat of the burger had a homemade taste, and all the condiments were dressed in moderation. The bun was soft and had sprinkles of sesames seeds. The whole burger sat well together and although it got a bit messy at times, it was totally worth it.

They have three special offers that distinguish them from other restaurants:

  1. Juicy Lucy – Burger stuffed with cheese
  2. Juicy on Fire – Burger stuffed with mozzarella cheese and jalapenos
  3. The Utility – Thinly sliced steak, grilled onions, peppercorn mayo and cheese

The outside decor is relatively simple, just like the other storefronts in the plaza. However, the interior decor is exceptional, furnished with diner-esque booths in red and black. Upon entry, the wall is decorated with their logo and imagery of gears to allude to the ‘factory’ portion of their brand. The seating was comfortable, although if I came with four people I feel that the booth might be packed – or maybe that’s part of the experience.

The owner was friendly and helpful when I had arrived. The food only took around 15-20 minutes to prepare which is pretty good considering its quality. If you like exceptional quality and great tasting burgers, drop by the Burger Factory!  You won’t regret it!




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