Koozina Creates Mediterranean Magic!

If you’re looking for some home style cooking at an upscale diner, then you need to take a trip to Milton! Tucked away in this small town, Koozina owner Akram Wahdani has put a lot of heart into opening this new Mediterranean style restaurant!

You’ll love the look and feel when you walk in. It’s not your usual shawarma place, Koozina owner wants to create an ambiance which offers a lot more than take out. It’s a great place to bring your family whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, or a proper sit down meal. The menu offers a selection of sandwiches and hot meals that come with all the necessary sides and trimmings, but with Koozina’s own special twist! Among a number of options, you’ll find shawarmas and slovaki on the menu, but I assure you, it’s not like the usual you’ve had. There’s something about the taste that’s incredibly flavorful. I couldn’t get enough of the gyros – the meat was tendered to perfection and the taste was outstanding.

When I couldn’t figure out what the enhanced taste was, Akram explained that it starts at selecting high quality meat which he only buys from his favorite butcher, someone he’s known for years. According to Akram, great food starts with the right ingredients, so he doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality! The food speaks for itself, and you have to go pay them a visit to see what I’m saying. When you’re there, make sure to try their famous “Pepper Fire Chicken” – an unbelievable blend of flavor and spice that stand out on the menu! You might have a hard time selecting a side when you have to choose between “Feta Fries” or “Lemon Potatoes”, but both compliment the meal to perfection. Don’t skip out on dessert and coffee! Akram’s wife makes the most amazing cheese cake in house, and it’s better than any dessert place I’ve been to! Her recipe is a keeper, in fact, I might just frequent Koozina for my love of cheesecake alone! To top it off, Akram serves it up old style with Turkish coffee right out of an authentic little kettle to complete your meal!

I have a soft corner for restaurants where the owner is also the chef, and in this case, I’m not sure if it was Akram’s warm personality and passion for cooking or the delicious meal that won my heart, but I can assure you, Koozina is a must on your list! If you’re a meat lover, then you have to taste it to believe it. His melt in your mouth recipes will have you coming back again and again, and if it’s your sweet tooth craving you’re looking to satisfy, then you’re also covered.

Koozina is a complete package that gives you more than you’re looking for, without denting your wallet. Stop by their website for their weekly offers, and take a special trip out to Milton for one of the nicest Mediterranean dining experiences you’ll have!




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