Delicacy Paradise – Dunk’n Dip!

If you’ve been looking for an ideal dessert paradise in Mississauga where you can also enjoy delicious meals… look no further!


Dunk’n Dip is a restaurant-lounge offering delectable and decadent dessert menu items. Located only 10 minutes from ISNA Canada, Dunk’n Dip opened their first location in Port Credit, Mississauga.

Having never visited, and wanting to ensure its quality for you all, I decided to take one for the team!

The first thing you notice about Dunk’n Dip is the incredible detail and work they put into the appearance of the place. With great decal work on the walls, funky furniture, chocolate fountains, and marshmallow-filled stands under the tables, it took me a few minutes to take it all in.

After going over the incredible variety of choices presented in the menu, we ordered several items.

Much like the set-up of the restaurant, the presentation of the food was also impeccable. We started off with Creamy Broccoli Soup in a Bun and Steak in a Bun. Both were delicious! Our main course comprised of the Dunk’n Dip Mixed Grill Platter, which had a variety of shish tawouk, shish kebob, and veal steak. We found the veal to be a little chewy, but it tasted good overall.

Then we got the real deal.

The item is called “Surprise Me,” perfect for a confused customer like me! It was a collection of mini crepes, topped with a chocolate sauce of your choice.  It was served with small shot glasses with different flavors of liquid chocolate—milk, white, caramel and dark!  The crepes are bundled up with surprise toppings inside.

The gelato we got on the side was an absolute favorite. There’s not much you can say to explain how exquisite it was!

At the end of our meal, the waitress brought over these small pieces of what looked like marshmallows. She proceeded to pour a little water over them and, to our surprise, they inflated to become regular sized hand towels!


Overall, it was a fabulous night with amazing delicacies in a beautiful café!



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