What Lies Ahead for Muslims as Bonnie Crombie Becomes Madam Mayor

If you weren’t out at the polls last month to cast your vote, you missed out on an important opportunity to forge history and elect Bonnie Crombie into office. From the warmth of her smile and personality, to her beautiful ideas of diversity, community and family values, Bonnie Crombie is the quintessential picture of great (Islamic) tradition. She is ambitious and determined but also aware of the importance of the role and responsibilities that lie ahead for her as the next mayor of Mississauga. Bonnie Crombie is rightfully the perfect representative for everything that makes this city special, a leader who is determined to uphold respect for diversity and committed to progress and excellence.

In an exclusive interview with Lanterns, Mayor-Elect Crombie talks about her predecessor, her plans in office, her relationship and appreciation of the Muslim community in Mississauga and a special message for all Canadian Muslims.

Bonnie Crombie expresses a debt of gratitude to Mayor Hazel for dedicating her life to building Mississauga from farmland into an economic powerhouse and helping it become a home to so many diverse families. Bonnie has incredible respect for the work that has been done at the Mayor’s office in the past years and hopes to honor that legacy and build on it with even more dedication. As the City of Mississauga bids farewell to well-loved Mayor Hazel, Bonnie is aware that she has big shoes to fill, but she’s excited and ready to take on the role with refreshing new passion!

In one of her new initiatives for office, Mayor-Elect Crombie plans to start a Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (the Muslim community should have their ears perked up)! Her hope is to ensure that all the residents of Mississauga feel that their voice is heard because they are respected members of the community. Keeping in mind the varied religions, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, this committee will be a fair reflection of the population of the city, and address issues on behalf of everyone. Mayor-Elect Crombie hopes that this committee will not only unite, but also celebrate the beautiful diversity in Mississauga and allow everyone to feel at home.

When specifically asked about her relationship with the Islamic community, Mayor-Elect Crombie replied that she has always upheld a relationship of respect and collaboration with the Muslims who reside in Mississauga. Her hope is to build on that relationship and really help capture the essence of Islamic values into the Canadian lifestyle. She is grateful for the contributions made by Muslims who are a part of the vibrant picture which makes Mississauga a unique city. Her message to all the Muslims living in Canada is to live their lives beautifully. She understands that it might not be easy at times, but it’s important to realize that this is an exceptional opportunity, to be able to live within such incredible diversity while being able to uphold your own beliefs and values. She encourages everyone to capitalize on this industrious and enterprising opportunity and make their lives even better, by building their families and strengthening their community with their own unique qualities.

During her interview with Lanterns, Mayor-Elect Crombie’s candid answers and honest demeanor showed her incredible integrity. She isn’t the type to put on a political show for interviews, instead, her conversation with Lanterns reflected sincerity and her love for Mississauga and its people spoke straight from the heart! ISNA Lanterns welcomes Bonnie Crombie as the next mayor of Mississauga and wishes her all the best for her time in office!



We would like to express our gratitude to Mayor-Elect Crombie and her office staff for being so welcoming and accommodating and making this interview possible. 



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