Open Doors Lead to Open Minds and Hearts!

Each day, the ISNA Centre of Canada’s doors are opened to welcome community guests and worshippers.  Indeed the doors are open 365 days a year and they remain open for approximately 16 to 18 hours each day.  This means the centre is open for no less than 6,500 hours each year!

Much of this time is dedicated to the rituals of the five daily religious prayers and activities scheduled for our Muslim community.  But there are times in the year that are dedicated to some extra ordinary people and events.

One such occasion is the much anticipated annual Doors Open Ontario event.  This is a wonderful and free event that is part of a festival that allows residents and visitors to the city to take a rare peek into some of Ontario’s most admired and significant buildings.

ISNA Canada was honoured to join hands with communities across the province, once again, to open the doors of the ISNA Centre of Canada on Saturday 27th September, 2014.  Since its development in 2000, this centre became home to one of the largest Muslim populations in Canada.  It proudly showcases state of the art facilities for religious, educational, and recreational activities.

On the Doors Open day, it was encouraging to see so many new faces visit the centre. Our own ambassadors (volunteers from the ISNA High School and the Muslim Seniors Circle) eagerly prepared and shared information about the centre, Islamic religious customs, and traditions.

Visitors were treated to free refreshments, guided tours, Quran recitations, demonstrations of prayer and other rituals.  To top off the occasion, each visitor was presented with a surprise gift bag (including an assortment of books and edible treats), carefully assembled by our youth!

Judging by the interested questions and positive comments of our visitors, one can gladly say that the Open Doors experience leads to open minds and open hearts.

Over the years, ISNA Canada has made it a happy tradition to host the annual Doors Open events.   If you are interested in volunteering with us to serve the larger Ontario community, email



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