Vajid Khan – Doctor of Inspiration

By trade he is an MD who specializes in Diagnostic and Non-Vascular Interventional Radiology, which might be a mouthful to say, but at heart, Vajid Khan is an inspiring, dynamic, young professional who has creatively carved a niche for himself as a leader in our community.

As he gets ready to continue his passion to teach as a radiologist and Assistant Professor at Western University, Vajid takes out some time to sit with Lanterns and talk about his work, his volunteer projects, and his message to the youth.

He is currently holding his position as the chair of the Muslim Medical Association of Canada, a group dedicated to contributing to the betterment of their communities, society, and humanity. He has focused his energy to create and nurture the mentorship program at MMAC, which helps pre-medical students and young doctors learn from others in their fields and provides them with guidance and support as they emerge as prominent names in medicine. Vajid is a firm believer of creating camaraderie. He lives by the rule that helping others succeed will reflect on his own success as well. So he dedicates a lot of his time to enrich those around him with his passion for medicine, and his commitment towards building a better community.

One of Vajid’s most prominent community endeavors has been as the chair of the Welcome Medical Clinic, an idea that came together at ISNA in December 2012 and opened its doors in the summer of 2013 at the New Best Care Medical Centre in Mississauga. Vajid, along with a handful of other professional volunteers, came together to offer medical services to refugees and new immigrants who didn’t have, or couldn’t get medical assistance through OHIP. The time and energy spent on the project, as well as the doctors who provide consultation, are all based on goodwill and volunteer efforts. One of the most exciting parts of the project is that its doors are open to all – not just Muslims, which serves as a wonderful point of dawah for those people who come to the clinic from other religious backgrounds.

On the lighter side, Vajid loves to initiate creative projects which will draw Muslims out to experience something extraordinary. He wants to maximize the opportunities of living in Canada, without compromising religious values. In line with his vision, the annual “Fungama” event delivers as promised. Each year, Vajid and his team organize Fungama as a picnic, outdoor volleyball tournament and recreational sports day to raise funds for orphan sponsorship. This year alone, they managed to bring together enough funds to help 12 orphans from various Muslim countries striving for a better life.

While Vajid lives out his own opportunities, he’s never short of focusing on others. Whether he puts together a trampoline dodgeball tournament, a murder mystery night, or something equally exciting and interesting, he always has one goal in mind: to ensure all his events meet a greater purpose. His goal is to create awareness or raise funds for charity, while inspiring his community to come together to experience life, and giving others opportunity to excel in theirs.

He’s a young professional who has carved a special place for himself through his drive and determination to be exceptional, and he invites others to do the same. Vajid speaks to the youth as he says, “Everyone has a lot of untapped potential. You can either be ordinary and live an average life, or you can strive for more and become extraordinary. That’s up to you, with Allah’s will of course. Don’t be afraid to take risks and put yourself out there,” Vajid says. “But remember that being successful means belonging to a successful community, so build each other up rather than trying to tear each other down. There is a lot of barakah in brotherhood/sisterhood.”

Vajid continues to inspire others through his own example, and serves his community with passion, dedication and most importantly, driven results which attribute to his success!


Join Vajid on his endeavors and learn more about his projects!

Check out Vajid Khan’s upcoming trampoline dodgeball event “Get in the SkyZone for SMILE” on October 19th. For more information, click here!

To see how your community can benefit from the services provided by the Muslim Medical Association of Canada, check out their website:



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