The Spousal Fair!

The most important challenge and decision facing many of our youth, after attaining a degree or landing the job, is finding a suitable Muslim spouse for marriage and settling down.   What better way to assist in this pursuit than attending a ‘spousal fair’ program with other like-minded individuals – where you can expect introductions in a relaxed, permissible, and professional setting?

ISNA Canada launched its Matrimonial Mixer (MM) program in May 2013, in recognition of this pressing and growing community need.  This program is a new and fresh approach to the matrimonial scene and the Muslim youth in our community are appreciating and benefitting from it tremendously.  Each quarterly MM event is sold out and attendee participation has more than doubled!

One of the best features of the program is that it is designed by our own professional youth and tailored to suit the current needs of the target audience (20-40 year olds!).  Additionally, our very own resident scholar, Sh. Alaa Elsayed, is involved in this budding initiative providing guidance and support.  All participants are treated as honored guests and hail from a variety of educational backgrounds, professions, and origins.

The greatest achievement of the program is that the guests have an ideal opportunity to immerse themselves in organised activities designed to naturally showcase their characteristics and personalities.  By engaging in interactive discussions and the sharing of thoughts and ideas in a designated amount of time, the participants actually network with like-minded individuals and are able to apply their personal filters.

The best features of the program are that it is held in an open environment while remaining discrete.  All participants gain immensely from the experience – whether it is going away with a potential match or simply a better understanding of their compatible traits for a future spouse!

If you would like to register for our upcoming matrimonial event to be held on Sunday, November 16, 2014, visit  Register today!



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