Studio.89 – More Than Just a Café

I heard about this new cool halal fair trade café in Mississauga earlier this year but was hesitant to check it out. With there being so many coffee shops and cafés around, it isn’t easy to do it right. The location, ambience, noise levels, staff-friendliness, seating arrangement, and pricing are just a few things that will be judged even before someone gets to the menu! After which, the quality of the coffee and food is another deal on its own.

The first time I visited Studio.89 I could tell it was different. It wasn’t your ordinary café. They had taken the idea of a great fair trade café and coupled it with becoming a hub for the community. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. The place has a very free-spirited concept where you feel comfortable the moment you enter. There is table seating for a more formal setting as well as couches and armchairs for those looking for a little more comfort. One of the first things you will notice is the brilliant artwork on the wall that explains the concept and idea of Studio.89.

I later discovered that Studio.89 is actually a non-profit café! They are dedicated to providing quality coffee that is fair trade, organic, bird-friendly, and rainforest certified, not to mention all food items are 100% halal and they have free Wi-Fi! One of the chalk writings on their wall says, “We want you to eat deliciously without feeling guilty! So go on, indulge.”

Along with that, they offer a free space for the community to host their events so go ahead and book your next community event at any time during business hours! The staff and volunteers at Studio.89 are extremely friendly. You’ll see them come around and strike up conversations with their patrons.

Off to their menu: One of the favorites at Studio.89 is their “Nutella Latte”. The name sounds brilliant enough to make you want it. My personal favorite is this Chai Latte that I am sipping on while writing this article. It’s absolutely fantastic! Their menu is laid out with a legend of Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan and Gluten-Free items for you to know exactly what you’re consuming. Order an organic smoothie and watch it come in this cool jar that they have! They have different kinds of crepes that I haven’t tried yet but will definitely be on my table next time I go.

Arguably the coolest spot in the café is upstairs. No – no typo… Upstairs! They have this open space with a couple couches, a few computers and a dining table for meetings! It can be used in a social setting as well as for meetings!

Overall, Studio.89 has created a culture of having a space that is “for the community, by the community!” I’d definitely recommend for everyone to go check it out!


Oh and they get brownie points for having one of the best playlists I’ve ever heard!



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