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Whether or not you’re a fan of Indo-Pak cuisine known for its variety of flavors, tastes, and spice, chances are that you’ve definitely come across the word ‘biryani’. Now take everything that you thought you knew about biryani, throw in some fried chicken, and place it all in a giant plastic bucket – now you’re getting closer to what Student Biryani has to offer.

Located in a small plaza just north of Terry Fox and Eglinton, Student Biryani has very recently moved to the GTA with its first foray into North America; which has come a long way considering that this franchise started out in the streets of Karachi back in 1969. Presently operating in Pakistan, the Middle East, and now even within your local neighborhood, Student Biryani is here to stay and ready to go!

Residents living in the area are sure to know that Student Biryani took over the location of a previous restaurant and has completely renovated the space with new floors, tables, designs, and staff. The restaurant provides a very pleasant atmosphere for those dining in as well as those preferring take-out.

Although the restaurant does not perfectly cater itself for a dine-in experience, it is nonetheless well-equipped to handle the task. The staff is quite friendly although the service is a tad bit slow considering the large amounts of orders coming in at all hours and the fact that the establishment is quite new.

The food is very good! The biryani is up there with some of the best in the city. Often times biryani joints have an issue with proportions: either there’s too much rice and too little meat or there’s not enough masala to cover the large amounts of rice and meat in the biryani. Fortunately, Student Biryani’s 45-year-old recipe steers clear of either problem, whilst providing a lot of flavor and a spice-level that caters to those who cannot handle spice as well as those who have a slightly higher tolerance for it.

One of the most unique aspects of Student Biryani is that in many ways they resemble a fast food establishment. You’ve got take-out biryani served in big red buckets with a choice of sides: french fries, salads, burgers, fried chicken, and pizza. Although the idea may seem a bit foreign at first, it’s actually a very solid representation of the huge variety of food that one could easily find at the street-level in Karachi. Not to mention that the non-biryani items, including both the North American ones mentioned above as well as traditional Indo-Pak items like nihari (beef stew) and karahi (dry meat curry), are actually very well made!

Though one could argue that having some biryani with fried chicken might not be the most ‘authentic’ experience, it is something that a lot of people do and enjoy because the items themselves are made to a high standard.

It’s safe to say that Student Biryani offers a little something for everyone. If you are a fan of the franchise, you’ve likely been there several times and can attest to its quality. If you’ve never tried Student Biryani before, you’re just one bucket away from discovering something you may come back for again and again.



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