Harvesting Our Ramadan Fields!

It is hard to believe that a month has passed since we experienced Ramadan and benefitted from its bounties.  During Ramadan, at the ISNA Canada Centre, special programs and events marked the blessed month and our team welcomed thousands of visitors round the clock.  The past few weeks have seen the conclusion of Ramadan with the Annual Eid Celebrations where we welcomed 1,000 guests as our Centre hosted its Eid-ul-Fitr festival.  Additionally, an appreciation picnic dedicated to over 150 precious volunteers took place to commemorate their commitment and service.

We now find ourselves fondly reminiscing the precious “Ramadanesque” moments.  There is an almost unreal, dream-like feeling when we recall the unique Quran recitation echoing from the ISNA masjid. It is a heightened feeling that only comes from this blessed month.  We had permitted ourselves to set aside the daily stresses and took comfort in aligning ourselves with our Creator. We also took on the physical challenge with demanding routines of short restless nights, long fasting days, learning Quran, participating in the nightly prayers, and making special efforts by donating or volunteering!  The rich experience has motivated our community who are now seeking to retain those deeper connections to Allah SWT, the closeness with the community, and continuing the spiritual highs.

In response, the ISNA Canada Centre will be facilitating two free and exciting services.

On the last Sunday of each month, we shall establish a nightly prayer (Qiyam-ul-Layl) service where esteemed reciters shall lead the congregation from the late night until the early morning (fajr) hour. This service and enriching spiritual experience shall be open to the entire community.

Additionally, our sisters Quran Tafseer program shall be scheduled weekly on Thursday evenings!   The first Dawr-e-Quran program was introduced in Ramadan and due to the high demand to continue the program, we will now be introducing it as a weekly class at the ISNA Canada Centre.   This service shall be open to sisters only.

Preserve your special spiritual focus over the next 300 days (yes, this is the approximate number of days before the next Ramadan harvesting commences!) and join us at the ISNA Canada Centre to keep reaping the harvest of Ramadan!



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