Highway 55 Cookin’ Up a Good Time!

Small town South has just become the rage in the North! Highway 55 recently opened its doors in Oakville with a spin on the 50’s that can’t be compared to any other dining experience in the GTA! From the moment you walk in, this fabulously fun and 50’s diner transports you to another era. With a pink and turquoise interior, antique metal bar stools, checkered floors, and 50’s themed memorabilia all around, it’s the fun little details that you’ll fall in love with!

Don’t just come here for the ambience, what you’re going to get from eating here is a lot more than some vintage eye candy. Restaurant owners and long-time friends have not only created an incredible atmosphere, but also managed to retain the feeling of a Southern diner known for incomparable hospitality! The staff at Highway 55 gives you personal attention and incredible service too!

The amazing interior décor and the friendly service aside, your number one reason to visit Highway 55 is the best burger in town! Yes, I said it. Hands down, there is no place you can go to get a 100% certified halal burger anywhere in Ontario that’s better than what you’ll get here. With juicy tender meat, marinated to flavorful perfection, their famous traditional Andy’s burger is one you won’t easily forget!

The menu doesn’t just stop there, keep coming back for more, as you experience their incredible secret sauces that are made specifically for this restaurant and brought in from the original home of Highway 55 in North Carolina. Their famous John Boy and Billy BBQ Burger add a little zest to the menu, for those who like to venture down the spicier side of life. Next in line is their exclusive Po Boy sauce on shrimp for the seafood lovers. This creamy combination is perfect for golden fried shrimp, and even great for dipping your fries in! The list goes on with a special selection of tailored sandwiches with a side of crispy fries or onion rings!

All the food here is specially crafted with attention to detail, ensuring flavor and taste are never compromised. But before you leave, don’t skip out on dessert! Highway 55 is famous for their frozen custard which is only available at this location in all of Ontario! This dessert is perfect for those who are looking to indulge their sweet tooth, but want to skip the brain freeze. This cool light and airy custard goes well with a combination of mix-ins or even blended well in their signature shakes!

Next time you’re eating out, make sure to stop by this 50’s diner for an experience that goes beyond food. You’ll love the details, the atmosphere, the incredible staff but most of all the meal that you came for!



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