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Before we get to the article, I have to bring up a particular point… writing this article in Ramadan wasn’t easy. Recounting the great time I had at this year’s Halal Food Festival Toronto was a famishing yet enjoyable experience.

I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the Halal Food Fest in 2013, but I made a point to  visit this year’s festival and I wasn’t disappointed!

With over 200 exhibitors, the Halal Food Fest brought the International Centre in Mississauga to life! Walking in you’d find yourself amazed in the midst of Sample City where, with tokens you buy beforehand, you can try different sizes of your favorite foods.

Not only was there an incredible amount of variety in Sample City, but there was some very creative booths as well. Adonis had a circular banner hanging from the ceiling while Maple Lodge brought their truck INSIDE Sample City! Some of the other fantastic additions to Sample City were Mango Boost, S’more Treats and if you felt like sweating in areas you could never imagine, there was the No. 7 Hot Sauce.

After the scrumptious travels through Sample City, you find yourself amidst a fantastic array of shops varying from headscarves and tailored suits to Arabic calligraphy and toy shops!

After all this, if you went outside to get some air, you’d see an entirely different experience with the Sysco’s Street Fest! Again combining scrumptiousness with creativity, these booths offered mouthwatering food that would fill you up just by window-shopping! With a variety of cuisines available you had something for everyone at the Street Fest!

Along with all this, Halal Food Fest offered multiple seminars, a fantastic Grill-Master Competition, a cameo appearance by Nazem Kadri, and various live performances.

In the end, Halal Food Fest didn’t just provide an outlet with varieties of food, or a gathering of foodies and shopaholics, but provided an enjoyable experience whether you went with friends, family or even by yourself!



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