Continental Grand Buffet

In light of the blessed and holy month of Ramadan, ISNA Lanterns would like to set your gaze on the Continental Grand Buffet as you watch the clock tick down till iftaar.

Located at Dixie and Burnhamthorpe, with lots of parking to boot, this large restaurant is known for serving up a variety of dishes from an assortment of international cuisines. I would like to point out that the restaurant is a bit tricky to locate; the exact location is at the back of Rockwood Mall which shares the same address as the restaurant.

For the duration of Ramadan, the restaurant will be serving traditional Indo-Pak items for iftaar, followed by the regular dinner buffet after Maghrib prayers. The buffet has a wider variety of items to consider. Some friendly advice: please try not to overeat, especially while breaking your fast.

The buffet’s pricing is rather fair. On weekdays, lunch and dinner will cost you $10 and $16 per head respectively. On weekends, the prices are bumped up a little to $12 and $18 per head for lunch and dinner respectively. For those fasting, only the dinner prices will be relevant as they begin from 5 PM onwards.

Given the large size of the restaurant, the owners have made a spacious prayer area located at the front of the restaurant which can easily accommodate up to 15 adults in salat.

We’re all aware that the purpose of the holy month of Ramadan is not to just limit our food intake and restrict ourselves physically, but rather, to establish a greater connection with Allah SWT. Keeping this much greater purpose in mind, let’s take the time to focus on our worship and make the most of each day during this blessed month.

If you’re looking for a change-up for iftaar and dinner plans, why not give this place a shot?

Rating: No numerical rating available as the restaurant was suggested based on Ramadan arrangements and not the food offered



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