Whistling Copper Kettle

Located at Bristol and Creditview Road, the Whistling Copper Kettle bistro serves a superb variety of dishes to satiate every appetite and culinary desire.

Finding parking in the host-plaza is absolutely simple and although the restaurant currently serves up to 20 guests at any one time, don’t let its size distract you from the palatial wonders to be found within.

The Whistling Copper Kettle offers a wide mix of entrees, appetizers, and desserts, like the mysterious Baked Alaska. These dishes originate from a huge range of cuisines including Indo-Pak (Desi), North American, Italian, and even Hakka Chinese.

The Copper Kettle’s sandwiches, originating out of traditional North American fare, are all made from scratch and served with a side of individually hand-cut French fries. By far, the restaurant’s Philly Cheese Steak sandwich is high up on the list of must-try items. If you’re looking for something lighter but equally-delicious, you could opt for their super-popular, triple-decker Club Sandwich. Within the Toronto halal food business, I have yet to see another restaurant offer this item.

By and large, the Copper Kettle Bistro definitely out-does itself when it comes to its steaks and pastas. I should point out that within the halal restaurant business the Copper Kettle is the only restaurant I’ve seen to offer a full steak dinner for under $20. The restaurant’s standard 8 oz. steaks are juicy, tender, and served with various sauces that easily compete with the best halal steakhouses in the city.

Once you’ve had a taste of Copper Kettle’s finest and most-popular dishes, you’ll find yourself desperately trying to beat their daily dinner line up whilst planning your next trip with family and friends. Genuinely, the restaurant produces excellent pasta dishes, flavorful and spicy hakka Chinese dishes, and Desi dishes which may have very familiar names but very unique tastes.

Personally, I feel that the Whistling Copper Kettle has it all: great food, extremely-affordable prices, an ultra prayer-friendly environment, and a great atmosphere to enjoy your time.

Take up this opportunity and next time you’re looking to try something new for dinner, visit the Whistling Copper Kettle and you’ll be coming back again in no time.



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