Mini Muslimpreneurs at the UIA Kid’s Bazaar

In another one of their innovative projects, Understanding Islam Academy and DawaNet teamed up to put together the Kid’s Bazaar, right here at ISNA! With over 80 creative and talented children offering all kinds of products such as food, crafts and other original ideas, it was a treat to watch budding talent in its element!

Weeks prior to the event, kids were busy planning, preparing and putting things together for the big day. While some of them teamed up with their parents to set up their stall, most kids worked independently to start their career off as future entrepreneurs.

On April 19th in the ISNA gym, the bazaar was buzzing as over 1,500 people came to watch the little ones take charge! From setting up and decorating their stalls to pricing and then selling their goods, it was a wonderful opportunity for Muslim children to experience leadership, independence and share their creativity with others. Visitors were spoiled for choice with lots of delicious treats to eat, amazing art work by the kids themselves, toys, balloons, cotton candy and much more! You could see kids of all ages eagerly buying and selling and negotiating prices as the bazaar was in full gear.

The Kid’s Bazaar was an idea that started in 2012 as a conversation at Understanding Islam Academy. It soon became a brilliant success when the support and leadership of a few enthusiastic adults created a community program which gave a platform for children to excel. Their goal was to teach Muslim children the value of risk taking, and learning to reap rewards through hard work.

Following the principals of Islamic values, the idea of an entrepreneur fair came to life. Parents across the GTA were supportive and enthusiastic to give their kids a chance to learn through a ‘hands on’ approach. The organizers were pleased to see the children of the community come together from various platforms. From home schoolers, to public school and Islamic school kids, the entrepreneurs came from a diverse setting and brought forward their unique talents and mindset adding exceptional value to the idea.

Following the success of this year’s Kid’s Bazaar, the organizers of the event hope to see it grow into something even bigger and better in the coming years. If you would like to organize something similar in your community, you can contact the organizers of the bazaar and they will be happy to help you with a program plan and guidelines.

Understanding Islam Academy wants to ensure that children everywhere, who have the willingness and drive, be given the opportunity to reach their potential! Keep your eyes on this talented group, to see what they come up with next. Visit Understanding Islam Academy on




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