10 Ways YOU Helped Organize the Convention

This year more than ever, ISNA Canada is honoured to host its annual convention, for the 40th time! This year is special not only because of our personal milestone, but rather it is due to the absolute awe and excitement with which we would like to share with you the details of this year’s convention experience.

Human Challenges ・ Divine Solutions

A theme is not just words that look fancy, and a convention is not just another event formed in a bubble. If that’s the prevailing perception, rest assured this convention definitely isn’t that.

This convention began with a discussion on purpose and an open invitation to the community. The purpose of why something is done defines its essence and its spirit, and the community leadership ensures that its purpose is upheld and reflected in the highest form possible.

As we have progressed through this journey of putting together a 3-day convention of non-stop activity and learning, you have been with us every step of the way. Yes, YOU :).

We gathered your survey responses, pulled out hidden wishes from your past observations, took note of hot issues that are of concern to you, and committed ourselves to lead in areas where you pointed out a deficiency.

Based on that, here is a quick run-down of what you will experience at the ISNA Canada Convention this year:

1. A Program that You Can Practice – The program offers a wide array of topics, concepts, and issues that affect you on all the physical, spiritual, social, mental, and emotional levels. From each session you will be able to extract 3 take-away’s to implement into your daily life. See Program Here

2. Workshops and Certificate Sessions – Have an opportunity to participate in sessions that will equip you with real tools and strategies on how to address your challenges in the best way possible while in congruence with the wisdom of Allah Most High’s arrangements.

3. Direct Interaction with Speakers – Pre-register onsite for a 10-minute one-on-one session with your scholar/speaker of choice to confidentially discuss your concerns or ongoing challenges.

4. Youth-Space – MYNA’s thoughtful and strong consideration of youth interest, support, and benefit is reflected in their session topics and engaging format!

5. Supporting Talent and Development – Support, reward, and nurture all the talent and intellectual potential that exists within, at our outdoor talent stage. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Register here!

6. Community Live Board – Enjoy the Community Board where you can share and appreciate personal pledges, favourite quotes, and requests for resources posted. This is your chance to experience social media ‘posting’ and ‘sharing’ in 3-D!

7. Children’s Program – Yes, the children are having their own mini-convention as well. Check out their full program of sessions with speakers, art, green spaces, scavenger hunts and a mini-carnival to enjoy! The mother’s room will also livestream the convention at all times.

8. Environmental Accountability – We have a greater committed effort this convention to reduce our paper-usage, our waste output, and live with a greater consciousness of our footprint in the world. Measures have been taken behind the scenes as well as across the convention venue and operations to ensure that we are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. There will be no sale or provision of plastic water bottles, and no flyer distribution from the convention. A clearly marked system of recycling and waste management will be in effect, and an assessment of the efforts will be presented to the attendees at the conclusion of the convention. We can’t succeed without your cooperation!

To support our efforts, each attendee will also receive an exclusive ISNA Canada stainless steel water bottle!

9. Accessibility & Being Whole Again – When amongst loved ones, we always feel the void of those who are not there. This year we have been blessed to realize the words in COME-UNITY and to ensure that everyone can be together. Full time ASL interpretation, accessibility, attendant care, and a supported children’s program are a corner stone characteristic of the convention this year. So make sure everyone in your family comes out! We are eagerly waiting to learn together.

10. Allah’s Bounty ­– An opportunity to spend three days surrounded with knowledge, community, blessings, realizations, the company of angels, and Allah subhanahu wa ta3ala’s endless Bounty.

We pray that Allah Most High accepts from us our efforts and blesses this convention to be a means of khair and benefit for all attendees and the wider community.  Ameen.


See you in 14 days!!!




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