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Toronto offers a diverse set of tastes for every food connoisseur.  The only problem is: a lot of that food isn’t exactly halal. Naturally, Toronto Muslims have often wondered, “Where can I get a variety of tasty dishes with flashy servings and hard-to-pronounce names?”

Enter Crave Grill House: a beautifully arranged, decorated, and conveniently located restaurant that’s looking to fulfill the needs of food-hunters with a thirst for all that is halal and grilled. The restaurant is located in northern Etobicoke on the corner of Finch and Highway 427.

Finding free parking within the plaza is a breeze and the spacious 140-guest capacity restaurant offers enough seating for you and your entire family. Once you’ve been greeted and seated by the lovely and ultra-friendly staff at the restaurant, it’s time to get meaty!  From the get-go: Crave Grill House is certainly a beef-eater’s paradise. Whether you’re opting for their finely prepared steaks or their ever-popular and classic beef short ribs, you’re sure to be satisfied.

The steaks, expertly aged, marbled and offered in either 8 or 12 oz. portions, are grilled-to-order and come with a traditional side of vegetables, fries, and/or rice. Having opted for medium-well filet mignons, I can rightfully say that the meat was tender and the accompanying in-house mushroom cream sauce was absolutely delicious. With all of its steaks, the restaurant provides the option of choosing from one of five freshly-made sauces.

Personally, I’ve had several bad experiences with ribs in the past. Crave Grill House showed me that I was clearly having ribs in the wrong place. The beef short ribs were proportionately glazed with a sweet and spicy sauce. The sauce did not overpower the taste of the meat which itself was soft, tender, and very easy to handle as the meat practically slipped off the bone.

Additionally, we tried one of Crave’s pasta offerings as well as one of their flagship chicken dishes: the Four-Cheese Chicken. A hearty breaded chicken breast stuffed with various cheeses, baked till crisp, and then topped off with a light but rich chipotle cream sauce. The pasta dish, made with an 8 oz. steak, mushrooms, and a rich blend of herbs and Italian spices, was exquisite and enjoyable.

Crave’s pricing is very fair. By the time you leave, your belly won’t feel light and neither will your wallet. Non-steak entrees settle in at about $15 while the most expensive item, the filet mignon, comes in at $24. The restaurant’s delicious appetizers, soups, salads, and traditional North American desserts fall within the $6-$10 range. As for those people looking to try a little bit of everything, Crave Grill House offers a full 3-course dinner for couples every Monday through Thursday.

On a more important note, the restaurant is definitely prayer-friendly with prayer spaces located in all corners of the restaurant. Additionally, the owner makes special arrangements to interior layout during Ramadan to support a full iftaar buffet and congregational salat for every day of the holy month.

Genuine, authentic, and delicious food establishments are few in number; halal ones are even fewer. By and large, Crave Grill House provides an excellent experience for the whole family. The food is great, the staff is friendly, and the design is superb.

Next time you’re craving something hot and fresh off the grill, don’t miss out on Crave Grill House.


Have you dined out at Crave?  Let us know what you think below!



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