Group Gets Funding to Promote Volunteerism

The Muslim Seniors Circle of Halton/Peel (MSC) has received funding from the Federal Government’s New Horizons for Seniors Program to promote volunteerism among seniors and members of other generations. MSC’s project partner is The Tessellate Institute (TTI). Community support for the project was provided by ISNA Canada in a letter by Secretary General, Sheikh Abdalla Idris.

The goal of the project, Serving Others – Memoirs of Muslim Seniors (SOMMS), is to promote volunteerism by producing a 30 minute documentary video that will be the focal point for discussions at targeted community events.  The documentary will highlight the life histories of Muslim seniors with extraordinary volunteer experiences. At the screening of the video the protagonists will participate in discussions with community members on volunteerism and its benefits.

The video will also be posted on the websites of MSC ( and TTI ( Thus, the narratives will provide inspiration, guidance and mentoring for succeeding generations. They will serve as lasting memorials of the generosity of spirit and dedication of those who spend their time in the service of others.

The SOMMS project will be managed by an Advisory Committee composed of MSC Executive Committee members: Shamim Haq, Sameem Ashroff, Mohamed Bhabha, and Malika Syed together with TTI President Kathy Bullock and volunteer Sana Javed.  The video production team will consist of Fatima Altaf (Director) and Farhiya Ahmed (Videographer). The committee is interested in receiving short biographies of seniors who have been engaged in extraordinary life-long volunteer service. Please send the information before April 12, 2014 to the Project Manager, Sam Ashroff, at:




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